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BalloonsWe arrived in Japan at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning. I’m not much of a morning person so I was not a happy camper to be woken up by the crew who were preparing us for breakfast at 4am in the morning. I must admit though, that the fact that we were landing in Japan did wonders in snapping me out of my mood. After disembarking from the plane we had to line up to go through customs and retrieve our luggage.

This is my second visit to Japan and Narita airport, the first time that we arrived we caught the limousine bus to Tokyo. The ticket counters are quite easy to find, they are almost directly in front of where you come out for baggage and have english and Japanese signs. You can purchase a limousine bus ticket for 3000Yen or you can also get a deal where you can bundle the limouseine bus ride and also purchase a 1 day train ticket pass for use in Tokyo at a special price. The bus stop is a short walk outside the front of the airport and they do drop offs at Tokyo station as well as several other popular hotels around Tokyo. It’s a no fuss solution, the attendants pack your bags for you  Continue reading…


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