A lolita trade

I have quite discovered I like trading. Up until this point I have happily and successfully traded three times. The great thing about trading is that if discussed and organised, most the time no money has to be exchanged and a little while later you get a new dress! So today I was browsing egl comm sales and I came across a post made by LJ user rongunatt, for a DS or DT for a Vampire Forest and Vampire Requiem ( I still have to check to spell that


name properly lol) I have eyed up the VR for quite some time now, but always had trouble getting in quick enough to buy or bid  in the sales or auctions that I have come across. Luckily for me, there wasnt too many comments and I had a couple of dresses that were on rongunatts wishlist.

So after some bargaining and some searching on my part, I was able to come up with a trade of: My Angelic Pretty Merry Making Party OP in black, with black and white BTSSB headbow, BTSSB silver hairslide, Innocent World Brooch and Alice and the Pirates Necklace for the Alice and the Pirates Navy Vampire…. (check) Requiem. The funny thing is that I only recently got the Merry Making Party Op in a trade and havent even had the opportunity to try it yet!
Now I just need to cross fingers that it fits, my success to date with Alice and the pirates is not all that great, but there is no sleeves on this dress so I dont have to worry about not getting my arms through sleeves, only that I hope my bust is small enough to squeeze into the corset!

♥ Alyssium♥

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