An interstate guest

An unexpected guest came to visit this month for a Mermaid convention

So we had a dinner to welcome her over and catch up. Marzy is the main moderator or the Austalian community and I help here out with hosting the online events that get posted her on my blog.


Summer was only weeks away, but we were already blessed with nice warm weather. We decided on a dinner and dessert night out in the city. Tamara, Zara, Me, Marzy and Corrina.


I went relatively casual to be comfortable out in the weather.


Dress: Alice and the Pirates Psyche ~The Doctor and the Eternal Sunshine~ OP

Headwear: Offbrand black velvet ribbon headbow

Socks: Offbrand black lace stripe tights

Shoes: Queen bee flats

Bag: Jane Marple blackc leather shoulder bag

Accessories : Alice and the pirates Rosary necklace, Black bangle and Moitie cross ring.




It was a lovely night out, all in good company!

♥ Alyssium♥

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