Angelic Pretty 2012 Summer Catalogue

1CoverAP’s latest offering, Summer Collection to peruse and deliberate what to buy!


Glass Bottle of Tears
A really pretty print, not my style but loved the socks. This print is already released and sold out fairly quickly. I picked up the socks in the same order I got the catalogue.
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Dreamy Horoscope

There seems to be a serious lack of colour in this series! Other then the fabric itself, the only other colour is really small round planets and starts. Looking really close the print looks to be quite cute, but lost on the fabric. Im really not that crash hot on the style of the dresses either. I kind of like the collar of the JSK, but there is no real other detail to give shape. The same seems to be with the OP, I like the little sleeves but the stitched gathering at the bust looks really cheap. Flat out dont like the Sallopette.
Eyeing off both the star bag and the unicorn bag!
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Royal Cards
I really love card prints, my favourite dress is marionette girl and the background of my LJ also reflects this.Im just not quite sure what to think of these, I seem to be on the fence of liking it or not. Im sure once I see it in person or in more coordinates I probably will love it. NEED those socks though!
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Toy Parade
This is a re-release of a very early popular series. The print itself is the same but they made some modifications to the cut of the dresses. Personally comparing toy prints, I much prefer Toy fantasy. I picked up the Pony and the Bear bag in a splurge moment after a dress I tried to get on reservation from AATP sold out immediately.
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Romantic Style
I feel like this is a bit of a filler series. Could be worn more casual.
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Tea party Doll / Nostalagic Doll / Princess style country of flowers
The Tea party Doll Op is a really cute alice style dress. The others are pretty but a little plain.
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Nostalagic Doll
Ohhh check out those cute new accessories, must have that wallet and the Royal card bag!!! Looks like ill be buying lots of socks and bags this time around!
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Thankfully safe from the majority of prints this time around!
♥ Alyssium♥

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