Australian Lolitas 5 Year Challenge

Inspired by the various 5 year challenge photos floating around the internet at the moment. Show us a picture of you 5 years ago in lolita and compare it to your most recent.
Haven’t been in lolita that long? Show us a picture of you 5 years ago and a picture of you in lolita now.


Nikarra – Here we go, cos I’ve already done one on insta here’s a different match-up: oldschool vs oldschool!


Kiera – On the left was 2014 and on the right is 2019. This is because last year or the year before was my five year anniversary of wearing Lolita.


Emily – I started exploring Decora Lolita in 2015 and while I don’t have a lot of time to wear it these days I still love it so much when I have the chance to go all out 💕


Jayne – 2015 vs. 2020
2015 I traveled the state for some pretty amazing meets. 2020, I’ve done more small casual hangouts with friends over the internet, which has been nice and relaxing.


Corrina – 2015 was my second year wearing the fashion, I still made the effort to style my natural hair, my coords often had some pin-up elements and I made do with offbrand blouses, tights, shoes and accessories
2020 I almost always wear wigs, I have an extensive collection of hand-made and taobao accessories and actually own lolita specific shoes and boots (and handbags, although not pictured here)
here’s to 5+ more years!s over the internet, which has been nice and relaxing.


as _Delphium – 2015 vs 2020
This underskirt has been with me for years now 😅 though I feel like I’ve adjusted and embraced tall-lita life. It’s pretty crazy looking back through my coordinates. I’ve made some big positive changes since then and I got a little emotional putting these side by side. Right side is from Dec 2019 since I haven’t worn lolita this year 😢😢 looking forward to going out to meets again! Feeling inspired to revamp this purple coord 💜


Ashleigh – 2015 vs 2020
2015 was when I was still very new to lolita fashion, I would like to think I have definitely improved. I still want to keep improving!


Sophie – I started to wear lolita fashion in 2016. So there you have it. I haven’t been able to wear the fashion much this year either due to having a baby. But I still love it!


Marzy – Marzy is such a lolita bae, that we had to go back 7 years to get a better comparison of baby lolita Marzy to now 💜


Kayla – 2015 vs 2020
this is a hard year for coords, this is the only really put together- not super plain coord I had!
The first pic was taken at the 2015 melb easter meet! It was my first real meet, and this was one of my first put together outfits.
I remember being so scared to be judged by others. I went all out with contact lenses, wig and corset, hoping that no one would criticise me for my inexperience. Surprise surprise, everyone was very kind and welcoming!
Fun fact: in the old pic I was wearing a combination of 6 petticoats before I got some proper ones!
These days I have a more refined taste, but I’m also a lot lazier and a lot more interested in comfort.
In the old picture my clothes are quite ill fitted, these days I really try to dress for my size rather than try to squeeze, like I used to.
In future I’d like to refine my wardrobe more, and build my elegant goth collection a bit. As much as I love it, I really only have sweet-goth kinds of clothes rather than goth goth.
anyway! thanks for reading ❤️ I’m really enjoying seeing everyones throwbacks!!


Me –  2015 vs 2020
2015 was one of my most active lolita years and wearing my favorite dress.Vs 2020 one of my most recent photos. I haven’t had the opportunity to wear lolita as much more recently, both having the time and going out.


Belle – Alright, since I have no organisation of my photos, and take very few photos (particularly coordinate shots). I just thought I’d go with the 2 easiest to find photos which is well beyond the 5 year theme.
2009 photo actually marks the day I was approached by a Lolita in real-life who told me about webpages to buy from and online communities to join. I joined FB for the Melb Comm!
Up until that point I’d be awkwardly hanging out with steam goths being, unbenounced to me until arrival, invited to various boutique fetish sex clubs 🤣
I’m still into Lolita today I just don’t have any coordinate photos from any of the very few 2020 outings I have had due to Covid19. This picture is a lovely one Bonnie took in 2018 so perfect and much nicer than a top up picture of me eating a burger.
Unlike what I’m used to hearing and seeing I have become more interested in sweet the longer I Lolita, further moving away from alice-goth and classic.


Charlemagne  – Haha embarrassing but we’ve come so far!
We became best friends bc of Lolita and 5 years on we’re still best friends with better wardrobes. 2015 Vs 2020.


Tamara –  First picture is 5 years ago….second very recently.


Nancy – Just realised how well my glasses were coordinated with both of these! (Which was totally intentional of course…)


Nat – Ok, so.. I didn’t get in to Lolita fashion until 2016/2017? ~ So here is my story of evolution! 😁 I’ve known of the fashion, since the 90s as I grew up with a Fairy Kei in my wardrobe. I was once full on Gothic/Emo in my 20s. Always liked edgey outfits.
I was a hip hop and dance corriographer so fashion back then was not docile lol. Then I was able to meet a few like minded people, they showed me their collection and I started lolita fashion! 🙂 I still have so much coords to do! But health has been hard to juggle & doing full coords is eghausting but looking forward to wearing it again.


Tropicana – Still just an AP brand w**** 🤷‍♀️ and a super cute one, at that!




It so cool seeing everyones comparison pics!

♥ Alyssium♥


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