Australian Lolita’s Sweet Secrets



The next Australian event after the International Lolitas Classical Photo shoot!

As the name suggests this event is all about making Sweet Secrets, all secrets will be submitted to the event moderators and then posted by them so it will be anonymous.

Secrets can be about Lolitas, events and groups and can include new pictures or pictures that already exist. Think of this as similar to a Valentine.

PLEASE TAKE the time to read the following description and rules. By setting your status to going you are excepting the following.

1.To participate in this event, please mark yourself as attending on the event page. Deadline to join the event is 15th November, invitations that have not been answered will be removed at this time.
2.Sweet Secrets will need to be pmed to a moderator of this event by the 29th November to have all Secrets posted by the 30th. You can create more than one secret.


We had an amazing reponse to this event, here are the results ♥


Tassie Lolitas, I love you all so much ~huggu~


We may be a small community, but I really enjoy being a part of it. You all are such brilliant lolitas and some of the loveliest girls I have ever met. You are all so different but share many similarities ad have been so welcoming and inclusive.


I love you Sydney comm!



You guys accepted me for who I am. Where no where in my life has. Thank you Melb Loli Community.





















For Alanah, I adore you so much!


6For Goldie and Elliot, Gelliot = My OTP



To my fellow Frock Talk-ers. I love our whole community, but I also love our closer group, that we can all get together and bond regardless of if it’s about lolita or normal clothes and that our friendship has extended beyond the fashion. You’re all so well dressed, kind and funny, and you’re all a good source of support for me, too. I look forward to out future foppery ♥


To all the Australian Lolita…. This event and seeing all these sweet secret just shows how amazing one community can be. I can’t wait to meet and get to know more of you. You are all such an inspiration!





























Marie is a kind, patient and understanding. She has been a great inspiration.





















Mauli – You are so absolutely sweet and adorable!



























Amy – You are one of the sweetest Lolis I know.





















For Emily – You inspire me. You’re beautiful inside and out.


















For Kirstie – I think you are an amazing lolita.





















Georgina – Wonderful heart and beautiful Soul! keep it up! You’re so beautiful, you’re an inspiration to me. You are so kind hearted!


Emily and Kiyu – I  ♥ you. Happy time! I always have so much fun hanging out and derping with you. I’m so glad I can lolita with my best friend!



You inspired me to become a lolita and motivate me to continue following the fashion. I love all your coords, you always look stunning! ♥ I’m lucky to have you as a friend.



Thank you to all the Brislolis for always being so welcoming, encouraging and inspiring to new members!

























For Andrea – You are also one of my Lolita Idols. I really want to talk to you more and become good friends with you. I believe we have a lot in common.















Candice, Kelly, Lauren and Jaana – I miss you gorgeous girls so much ♥





















For Sam – You are such an inspirational lolita, your coords are flawless, so very detailed. you are so very kind and helpful, always happy to help new lolita’s ad friends alike. It has been an honour getting to know you ad becoming your friend.





















For Christine – Christine, you are an absolutely beautiful lolita. Not just with your amazing co-ords, but in your caring (and well organised tehe) hear as well. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the lolita community!




























For Yi Ying – Yi Ying, I was so sad when I heard you had to leave Adelaide – You’re such a lovely person, and a beautiful lolita! I had hoped to get to know you better. Hopefully you can come back sometime. I’m sure I can speak for most of the Adelaide girls when I say “We miss you!”



For Christine – We started lolita together 3 years ago and we have been doing it together ever since. You help me be a better person and be the best I cab be, You’re Intelligent, creative and inspiring. You are my best friend  ♥

















For Thaleia – Thaleia I miss seeing your gorgeous smile and breathtaking classic coords at Adelaide meetups! Hoping you’ll be able to come back to Adelaide to visit soon, we miss you!






























For Freya – Freya, you’re such a beautiful person as well as an awesome lolita! Creepy-cute style suits you so well! And I think purple is definitely your colour 😀 I’d love to get to know you better; I know you’ve been meaning to come to more lolita meetups, you should! You’re wanted hehe!





















Kavya – Your Style inspires me and encourages me to pay attention to detail when putting together coords. Thank you 🙂





















Your Cadre du Chat coord was amazing and you always coord beautifully. Thank you for being so daring ♥




















Kairii and Angela, you two have to be the cutest lolita sisters on the planet! You both have an amazing talent for creating breathtaking co-ords, I love seeing what you come up with. And to top it all off, you’re both such lovely, caring people… You’re awesome, keep it up!



For Christine – You are cute and awesome and such a kind person. Thank you!





















Christine you are amazing! Not only do you always look fantastic, you are humble, patient, fun and have a generous spirit. Thank you for everything you’ve done for your friends and the lolita community.




For Emily – You are always so kind and inclusive of new lolitas. I wish I was as sweet and friendly as you! you are truly a kind hearted person ♥





























For Kylie – You are truly elegant.



































For Carrie – Hey there miss mermaid! I’ve always been so thankful for your gorgeous bubbly personality at meetups – you’ve really made me feel at ease, on more than one occasion! And you always look so beautiful, pink suits you down to your core. You look amazing whatever you do, whether you;re in lolita, street clothes or mermaiding it up!





















Kat, you’re such a sweetheart – I love talking to you when I get the chance! I’d really like to get to know you better. All of your co-ords are flawless, I always can’t wait to see what you wear at each event. you suit Gothic Lolita perfectly!




























For Kate – You are so flawless. I can’t even ……. ♥























For Thaleia – Thank you so much for everything ♥



































For Alesha – Your coords just keep getting better. Please keep growing and improving, it is a pleasure to see.


















For Jess – I think it is amazing that you are able to pull off so many different styles of lolita.




This was such a great meet-up! Hope to do it again some day soon! 🙂 You girls are all fantastic!






























When I was growing up, I always felt I looked too masculine. Neomg a teenager is super awkward. Thank you to all my beautiful friends in the Sydney and Australian Comm for giving me the confidence to feel beautiful, unique, feminine and wonderful… everyday!

And if anyone feels the way the way I did, you are perfect and gorgeous just the way you are. Frill on!





















For Kairii – You are so cute and so sweet and so passionate! I miss you, you crazy kid.





















I am so happy to have met you. I really like your sense of humour and have so much fun when we get the chance to hang out. I love you sense of style and hope you continue to wear lolita.





















For Tamara – Tamara, you introduced me into the beautiful frilly world, helped me get on my feet and guided me to become the lolita I am today. I don’t think you’;; ever know how much I appreciate it. I miss seeing photos of your co-ords and makeup but will always stalk you’re photos just to find something you did that I loved ♥





















This is my favourite picture of you. Having you as one of the longest Aus Lolitas makes me proud to be a lolita too.


























For Hannah – I love all your silly photos.




For Dana – As a newbie your doing really well with your look – keep it up and don’t be afraid to ask for help.



































For Teagan – Always elegant and beautiful. I hope I get to see you more often. Please remember that it can’t always rain, it has to get sunny sometimes ♥





















For Georgina – You’re so happy and carefree in this picture!





























For Pepper – Keep up the beautiful outfits!


50For Magdalen – You’re fun to be around, always happy and cheery! You put your co-ords together in ways I would never think to do and it inspires me to try it myself. Continue to be the mazing person that you are!




For Belle 0 Belle Beru Bows. You’re always so bright and bubbly! I adore how you continue classic lolita.




For Thaleia – Welcome to the Melb comm Thaleia. We’re so lucky to have another beautiful lol!




For Alesha – DAT BOW! Your co-ords for QLD heat while wearing black are so impressive!



For Heather – Lolita fashion really suits you and I would love to see you wearing it more.



































For Monique – Keep those co-ords coming!



For Victoria – More beautiful co-ords please!



































For Bailey – Without a blouse? Its okay! Because you pull it off amazingly you lil’ fawn lady.




Christine. The events you organise for the Auscomm are always so much fun and bring us together as a country. Your co-ords are always matched amazingly.



For Yazie – You wear you’re lolita fashion so perfectly and look amazing in it. Please do it more. YOURE ADORABLE.







































For Nicole – love how you’ve put this skirt together!













































For Leanne – Love to see more of/from you.



For Jessi – Why you no wear loli? U so pretty!





























For Sam – Please continue to be the beautiful sophisticated lolita you are.



Thank you all for the great time and memories. All of you are amazing people and you look so awesome no matter the occasion ^W^




My loli friends inspire me to continue being unique ♥
























I wish I was as small and petite as the other girls in this forum and in Lolita in general. I love all the cute shoes and clothes they wear that I can’t fit.



Tassie Lolitas Thank you. For always makig me smile 🙂



For Belle -You are always so perfectly dressed. And to top it off you are a beautiful person, you do the sweetest thinks and you make me laugh so much! It’s ee so fun being lolita bff’s with you these past couple of years and I am going to be so sad to leave you!!!! I’m going to miss you heaps ♥


















For Christine and Tamara – You two are so sweet and charming and always look stunning! I owe you both so much! Thank you.




Dear Tasmanian Lolitas, when you first invited me into your group I was going through a very hard time in my life. You were all very kind to me even though you didn’t know anything about me. You showed me how to smile again and now I am able to enjoy life once more. Thank you xxx



I love you crazy ladies.



Dana – I love all the confidence and enthusiasm every Lolita I’ve met exudes! Thank you for being such a wonderful group of people.




































Prince Peachie. My main inspiration when it comes to lolita. Her personality is awesome and her devotion to lolita is unwavering, thank you for giving me the guts to dress like this too!



For Georgina – You’re my Lolita idol. I really respect you and idolise you. I wish I could be better friends with  I wish you and I could hang out and have lunch together.




For Holly,, Alesha and Libby – I am constantly amazed by the co-ords that these beginner lolitas create, is is very inspiring and incredible. You are all so lovely, keep up the good work.




























For Tamara – Tamara you were the first lolita I ever saw in real life; you inspired me to try to find more lolitas in Adelaide, and that’s how I found the Adelaide Lolita group. Plus you were wearing my (at the time) dream print, bonus!

























What I love about lolita is that everybody is so friendly and supportive, even to people they have never met before 🙂


Isn’t our community amazing!

♥ Alyssium♥



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