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AVCon is Adelaide’s premier Anime and Video Games Convention. It is a non-for-profit event organised and run by a dedicated group of volunteers, known as Team AVCon. Founded in 2001, the convention has been held annually since 2002.

This years Avcon theme is School Days 2013! So in traditional AVCon style they had a party in the lead up and held a Prom /Formal / School Dance!

Where: Adelaide German Club, 223 Flinders Street, Adelaide.

When: Saturday, June 1st, 6pm Onwards

Cost: $10 (Tickets at the door)

What To Wear: Formal, Formal Casual (e.g., Suit with Sneakers, think ‘Doctor Who).
What would your favourite character wear to a formal? Iron Man in a Bow Tie, Naruto in Tux Tails, FemShep in heels. The Options are Limitless!


I have very fond memories of my high school formal and was pretty keen to make it to this years AVCon party as I wasn’t well enough to go last year. Marie, Tamara and I decided to go together and all came out with different looks!

Marie has just got her Baby the Stars Shine La Robe Vert Clair OP and went for a very classical 18th Century Marie Antoinette and lolita inspired. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and Marie documented how she got ready on her blog post here.

Tamara donned a pair of hot little Black Milk suspenders and a little black dress and went 80’s style rock, big hair and loud makeup.


I went for a 1950’s prom look inspired by Grease and lolita! My Angelic Pretty JSK Twinkle Carnival has been waiting for a special event to come out and I think it worked perfectly! I put it together with a black lace bolero from Review, gold dokidoki glitter hairclip and open toed strappy heels. I was really happy with the result.

And of course where would I be without my adorable date, Chris! He happily ran with my theme and coordinated his tux to suit my outfit.


There was a whole range of competitions and dancing through the night, this is what it looks like to have AVCon doing the Macarena! The group pictures are taken by Nathan.

The dance off was won by a Snorlax…. yes it was just as funny to watch as it sounds!


There was a lot of mucking around and lots of photos taken! Though trying to have your photo taken around a group of cosplayers can get tricky! You end up with a whole lot of photobombing!

photobombWe got there in then end though! We all had a blast, hats off to AVCon, they certainly know how to rock a prom!

♥ Alyssium♥


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