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I first found out about lolita on my first trip to japan several years ago, at that stage I was aware of it, but not too interested in dressing in it myself. It wasnt until a couple years later that I seriously took a second look, the reason for doing that was another hobby that I have ball jointed dolls! My first doll I bought was back in 2007. It was a little while later that I found out about a brand called Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Volks the company that made my doll did a collaboration and released a dress set combined with a doll at one of their dolpas (short for dolls party which is a doll convention) The set was adorable and on futher reseach I found out about more collaborations they did. Soon after I got into collecting BTSSB dress sets. On one of my various google searches I came across one of the dresses that I had for my doll but on a person! That side tracked me onto other google searches culminating in a live journal search and a sale on garagesalejapan. Not long after I found EGL. This was that purchase….

Modelled by Flo my dressform and Momo my Volks SDGR BJD


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Group-1Friday night all the girls came over and we had a movie night to watch Kamikaze girls! I had seen it before but I knew that alot of the others had not so it was a good excuse for a get together. My lovely BF helped me to start cooking Japanese Beef Curry early and the first of the lolitas started showing up while I was still in my bloomers LOL!!! It was beautiful weather so we opened up the bifold doors into the courtyard and Continue reading…


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