Easter Card Exchange


The Australian Community had another card event, the Easter Card Exchange. The sequel to the popular Valentines Card exchange!

1. Deadline to join the event is midnight on the 8th of march, I will need everyones postal addresses by this time.
**Your postal address will only be given to your card exchange partner**
2. Once the deadline has closed a draw will take place to determine your partner and you will get a pm.
3. On sending a card please pm the registered post number or photo evidence of a postmark/date to either myself or Meg. Normal postal method will have to be sent by the 22nd, express post by 26th march.
4. Post a picture of your received Card to the event page to share with the group. Deadline for photos are 5th April.

Cards can be bought or handmade, but there is alot more love and thought that go into handmade cards! This card exchange will NOT be secret so please take the time to get to know your Easter penpal!

Here is the round up of some of the amazing cards that went around our community!


The exchange criteria was only card but a lot of lolitas put in extra and sent gifts! Bunnies were very popular.


So were ducks!


Of course so was chocolate and what lolita could resist Lindt, my favourite! Look at all the gold bunnies!


Some of the chocolate was handmade or specially picked out.


But really who would say no to any form of chocolate or sweets, YUM!


One of my personal favourites from this exchange was a custom made chocolate bar set with a special lolita wrapper!


Bunny themes were very popular, bunny lolita, bunny gothic and super cute real bunnies!


Or even better, bunnies with lolitas!


Or even bunnies wearing lolita! I got the card on the far left from Marzy, isnt it adorable!!!


And of course who could forget the famous bunnies, Lyrical Bunny from Angelic Pretty or Usakumya from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.


Or what better way to say Happy Easter then with a egg!


The more eggs the better!


Those of us who didn’t have the time to hand make the cards found super adorable substitutes!


We also had some amazing artists who were able to entirely draw their own cards, aren’t they gorgeous!


Presents were not restricted to easter bunnies or eggs but also include cute lolita accessories.


And mountains of candy!


Some super cute sketches of lolitas.


And even more crafty bunnies.


Some took the opportunity to say some lovely things to their exchange partners.


All of the cards were amazing!


Thank you so much for all your effort to make and share all of these cards in our community. I hope you all enjoyed sharing with each other.

Happy Easter!

♥ Alyssium♥


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  1. Elyse says:

    Ah it’s so awesome to see them all together! Thank you so much for hosting this (and putting up with me and my lateness :S)

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