Easter Egg Hunt


Its been a long while since I did an easter egg hunt. You know the ones you did when you were little, when you parents hide all the chocolate in the garden. I remember being so excited and running out to find all the chocolate, it’s a really good memory that I have  with my family, so I wanted to share the excitement with our Lolita group. Knowing the amount of chocolate we were going to need was quite difficult, so we planned well in advance. We organised reservations and got 40 Lolitas interested in coming along. To give it a lolita spin we planned the hunt to have chocolate as well as small lolita items as prizes.


I found the plastic eggs in spotlight and put numbers in them to act as the Lolita raffle. They got hung out in the garden along with the chocolate. Planning the chocolate for 40 lolitas was an event in itself and because i ordered so much chocolate we decided to only hide the small solid eggs. The rest of the caramel, strawberry, white dream, crunchie eggs, marshmallow bunnies, lindt bunnies and ferrero rocher got divided up in cup baskets ready to be gobbled up at the end of the hunt.


I had some lolita bunnies help me to organise and hide the chocolate. Thank you to Marie, Heather and Tamara who stayed up till 1am with me the night before, to make sure that all of the eggs had been crafted and glued ready to be put out the next morning.


Thank you to Marie, Thanh, Kairii and Angela who helped me hide the chocolates. We had glued some foam and string onto some of the chocolate to be hung in the rose bushes, others had been put on to sticks and put into the ground, along with some loose eggs put in the grass and in the bushes.

Shortly after the bunnies finished putting out all of the eggs, some of the other lolitas started to show up, so we hung around and took a couple of pictures while we were waiting for the rest of the group to make their way over from meeting in Rundle Mall.

The garden that we were using for the hunt was nearby a stream and pond. Every so often we would have a couple of ducks wander over to see what we were doing. I’m not sure what was funnier, watching the ducks waddle off or the Lolitas that were trying to stalk them and get up close for a picture!


Almost the entire Easter weekend had wonderful weather, with the exception of sunday when we were doing the egg hunt. I closely monitored the weather all morning to call off the hunt if it started to rain. Although the weather looked grey, it managed to keep from raining while we were setting up up.


That was of course, until the rest of the group showed up, when it started to drip! Thankfully we all had the good sense to bring umbrellas, we were about to really need them!

EA12It decided to open up and pour with rain for a good 10-15 minutes! This is what it looks like when i group of lolitas are trying to keep out of the rain, lol!!!

EA13After the rain let up for a bit and it turned into a light drizzle, the girls were all still pumped enough to brave it and go out and get the chocolate…. dont get between a lolita and chocolate! We managed to collect it all up and then bundled ourselves up in a car to head over to my place which was a couple of streets away.


I managed to get most of the outfit shots done before it started to rain. Adelle our first lolita bunny wearing lavender Angelic Pretty Lyrical bunny JSK. Alycia looking very sweet in brown Lindt bunny ears (Yum) and Innocent World JSK. Angela in Baroque, Missing Letter Keys and Rabbits JSK, she made the lace ears she has on! Bethany in pastel purple Angelic Pretty Suger Hearts OP. Bridget looking lovely and colourful in a Angelic Pretty Macaron JSK and red knit cardigan.


Carrie was totally adorable in bunny ears and if you look very carefully also a bunny nose! In pink and chocolate brown Angelic Pretty Milky-Chan JSK. Cheryl is in a Innocent World floral JSK and a beautiful lace cape. I decided to wear out Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie with a Innocent World Cape, my favorite item is my Wonder Cookie bag. Emma is wearing Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny with cute pink bunny ears. Georgina looking lovely and classic is in a Victorian Maiden OP.


Kairii is in a Angelic Pretty Happy Garden JSK with a handmade chiffon overlay. The headbow is hand made as well! Kat is in all black with navy kitty kats walking around her skirt. Kendelle and Laura both went with floral dresses. Lauren on the end is in a Lady Sloth painting JSK and matching headbow.


I love the floral headdress that Leticia is wearing ( i believe handmade by Angela and Kairii) Marian stands out in a cute red cardi and Emily Temple Cute present bag. The JSK is from Innocent World, Bambi Print. Marie is also lovely and classic and in a Mary Magdalene OP. Looking super pleased is Nana in a cute black cape and Angelic Pretty Bunny applique JSK. Nicole is in a replica pink and black Melty Chocolate JSK.


Tamara looking super cute in pink and black Angelic Pretty Starry Night theater outfit. Tara is wearing a lady Sloth Pocketwatch skirt and if you look carefully tiny little horns. katie is in a lovely floral JSK and blue jacket. Nickie is also wearing a Baroque, Missing Letter Keys and Rabbits JSK matched with a cute fluffy collar.


So after getting everyone to my place and out of the rain, this is what it looks like to have 40 or so Lolitas in your Living room! We managed to towel off the eggs and prizes and gave them out indoors instead.


It certainly was a tad squishy, but we were warm an dry and had lots of chocolate to chow down on!


We put all the gathered eggs back in a bowl and had everyone reselect a egg. Everyone opened them up and got to pick from the lolita prizes in the order of the numbers they got. Here are a couple of the prizes, Bridget looks super excited to get the largest prize which was a pink bunny hooded cardigan from bodyline. Freya got some black and white heart socks. Adelle got a chocomint bracelet and Carrie got a special lolita/mermaid prize containing a chocomint bow and shell bracelet.


Emma got a chocomint bracelet and Marie got Jelly Bellys and some cupcake clips. Nickie also got some clips and Jelly Bellys and Cherly got a chocomint bow.

I hope that everyone was happy with their prizes and chocolate! I think it was a good day despite the rain 🙂

♥ Alyssium♥


  1. Kat says:

    Ahhh! Good memories! This is a lovely summary of the meet up, and your photos are lovely!
    Thank you <3

  2. Katie says:

    so awesome how you put up all the outfit posts! Very sad that i missed the afternoon at yours and opening everything together!
    Do you think I could have my outfit shot emailed to me? I would love to put it on my blog (and credit you of course)!
    Thanks ^_^

  3. It was a wonderful day!! 😀 Even with the silly downpours of rain. hehe! Thank you so much for organizing such a fun event! 😀 <3

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