Japan Day 16

Ghibli_mainnSadly our last day in Japan had come and we had two priorities, first making sure our bags were packed and ready to go to the airport and going to the Ghibli Museum. The Ghibli Museum had been shut for the first part of November, so once it was reopened it was very busy and hard to get tickets. This is why we  ended up going on the last day of our trip.
Ghibli2Most of our bags were packed the night before, so we set them aside and set off to the Ghibli Museum early. What it doesn’t tell you on the tickets, is that they only allow a certain amount of people at once, so if you miss the morning opening, you have to wait around till the afternoon again. As we didn’t have the luxury of time we got there early enough to be there when they opened.

Ghilbi3We got in line and while we were waiting, took in the surroundings. Its all the little details that make the Ghibli Museum amazing. They had a large tree out in celebration of christmas, when you look closer, you can see all the windows have lead lights displaying all the different characters from different Ghibli movies. When walking up to the front door to go inside Leticia spotted the Spirited Away building in a ceramic pot, easy to miss but awesome if you take the time to spot it!

ghibli4Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures on the inside, so you will just have to trust me when I say how awesome it is! The current exhibit was displaying how the animating process works and spying on little creatures. What we were able to take pictures of was the statues on top of the building. I never get tired of visiting, this is my third time.

Ghibli6We grabbed some last photos out the front of the Ghibli Museum before heading back home.
Ghibli9The bus for the Museum is pretty cute, it has characters from the movie all over it. You need to purchase special tickets to ride on it.


Back at the house, we did a last pack and clean up (there was definitely going to be access baggage for me!) Acco, the owner came by to see us off, she snapped this last picture of us before we left. We grabbed two taxis to Tokyo station (there was no way we would fit in one!) and then made our way down to the Narita express trains. It was a bit of an effort getting all of our luggage on board, but once it was we were able to sit back and relax and reflect on our time in Japan.

We were all pretty tired from such a long whirlwind trip, but we had an amazing time and brought home lots of lolita goodies so I would say that our shopping trip was super successful! Until next time!


♥ Alyssium♥

Thank you for making it this far, I hope you enjoyed reading through our trip and I hope it inspires you to make trips of your own! If you are intersted in reading about any more adventures in Japan, you can go back to my previous visit to Japan 2 years ago.

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