Kuro/Shiro Shoot


After some stop, start talking and planning Tamara, Jaana and I finally got around to the Kuro/Shiro shoot last weekend. I have had the Robe a La Francaise for a little while now, but this was the first time I have got around to wearing it. Luckily for us the weather turned out to be stunning and we were able to get some great shots. We picked the Himeji gardens, which is a short walk from my house for the setting and the garden looked amazing this time of year. It looked like we were not the only ones who had those thoughts as there was a wedding along with two other groups getting professional shots done while we were there. Our photographers for the day were the lovely Jaana and my partner Chris.


Chris wasnt planning on sticking around with us so we took some group pictures first. The weather was lovely, but a little windy. Thankfully the gardens had fences that blocked most of that off.


Tamara looked vibrant in her AP sailor JSK, just some finishing touches for the pefect picture! For some reason she really reminded me of Veruca Salt (Willy Wonka) in these photos! I was overlooking her pictures from the nearest bench.


And finally some Kuro/Shiro shots that we had been talking about for some time! The Himji Gardens were a really lovely to have these photos taken in. The black and white from our dresses really popped out from the backgound.


These were my favourite single shots for the day. It’s the first time I had tried the Hime look and I was really happy how it turned out. The dress is BTSSB Robe A La Francaise OP, AP maid headbow matched with a pearl headband, BTSSB white OTK’s and BTSSB white Odette toe shoes and lastly the BTSSB Napoleon fish bag. how the bag came to be named that I have no idea but its gorgeous! Its amazing how a dress like this can make you feel pretty all day!


Halfway into taking pictures we heard a familiar tone and hightailed it out of the gardens and down the road. A icecream van had pulled up at a nearby playground, luckily in walking distance of where we were. it had been ages since I had had a sherbet cone so I enjoyed it very much and didnt even get a spot on me!


And lastly, the bloopers! I had to add these in as we get some really funny shots. In the first one Chris was on the ground and decided to be cheeky, the look on Jaana’s face is priceless (girls this is the reason we wear bloomers!) later on Tamara and I get into some ruffle wars! And lastly I discovered I had a cape and transformed into Wonder Lolita!

You can check out some more photos, funny and serious over at Jaanas journal here.



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