Local sales and swap meet

On Sunday some of the local lolitas organised a swap/sales meet at my house. The night and morning before I busily put together some racks and made some sausage rolls and quiches for us to eat. My lovely bf made some chocolate and strawberry icecream (though to his dismay I forgot to get it out till everyone had left!) I was so busy cooking that I was still in my pjs when the first person arrived hahaha luckily Jo was great about it and helped me finish off the quiche while I madly rushed around and put some clothes on!


Soon after everone else who had met at the mall arrived and I was actually quite shocked at how much stuff we were able to put together! I had to raid my wardrobe and take everything off the hangers to get enough to put all the clothes that people had brought with them! So once we had everything out we tucked in to the food (cant shop on an empty stomach) unfortunately we didnt get a picture of the food table, but I assure you everything looked and was delicious! I was totalled amazed by the adorable rose cupcakes that Thali made!


Totally successful event and I can see us having more of these in the future.

♥ Alyssium♥

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