Lolita’s at the Zoo

ZOO_mainEver wanted to go to the zoo with your loli friends?! Well…. Put on that animal themed print (if you want to) and come join us for a lovely stroll through the zoo! Meet and learn about some of the species there and have a good time! 

It has been awhile since any of us had been to the zoo and with a lot of recent upgrades being done to the Adelaide Zoo (including the new Pandas) it made the perfect excuse to go check it out.


We all got stuck at the Meerkat exhibit, these guys are just as curious about the people watching them as we are of them. I think I got a million photos of their antics, they are so cute to watch! I spotted a white Meerkat, she is white (not albino) which is why they have named her Michael Jackson.


I convinced the girls to do animal coordinate shots! I got Cheryl and Rachael with the Meerkats and Olivia here with the… hmm the map says Kangaroos, but they look like Wallabys….I’m pretty sure they are Wallabys (oh god what kind of Australian am I??) So much for learning about new species!

Zoo3I remember going to the zoo when I was younger and being sad about how small the cages were. A lot of the new renovations have expanded enclosures and given  alot of the animals better environments closer to what they would have in the wild. They have also allowed animals who would peacefully interact in the wild to be in the same enclosures, which means more space for them.

Zoo4We found a set of scales in the petting zoo, apparently 4 lolitas are the same as a Large Lion, or small Tapir. Either that or 4 large chimpanzees… lol! I found a Kangaroo in the children’s zoo, this time I am positive that it is a Kangaroo. This one was very placid, I assume as it has to deal with screaming kids running all over the place, so it was happy to sit and let me pet it.

Zoo5Rachael and Olivia also went in for pat along with a couple other animals on our way out. Rachael and I find out what it would look like if we were Lemurs, she looks pretty happy about it as well.

Zoo6The Flamingo exibit was created in 1885 and is the oldest Exibit in the zoo. Unfortunately it is no longer a possibile to ship Flamingos across countries due to bird illnesses, so he is the only Flamingo left in captivity in Australia.

The panda exibit is one of the newest additions to the zoo, with the two pandas Wang Wang and Funi on loan to us from China. The zoo is hoping to get the two to breed, but they are not really showing much interest in each other at the moment.

We finished off our day with ice-cream and some photos at the front of the Zoo. All in all, a fun day out and we were lucky to have gorgeous blue skies.


♥ Alyssium♥

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