My first lolita online order

I have been sitting in front of my latop for the last couple of months, umming and ahhhing about what my first purchases should be. The websites at the top of my list are Baby the Kawaii-death-pageStars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates and Angelic Pretty. I dont know why I have been so heistant to buy, I have been shopping over the internet and webstores for years now, but I finally caved a week or two back when I saw some BTSSB items go on sale. I decided that this was a good enough time to have a go. The Baby the stars Shine Bright website is mainly Japanese and even though they have English instructions, they are extremely hard to follow. The other very frustrating fact is that the webstore had almost NOTHING in stock! I lost count on how many items I clicked on both sale, and non-sale items that I tried to get into my cart and the same pink kawaii page of death pops up indicating thats it is not in stock. Midway through my frustration I tried emailing BTSSB to put in a email order, but that too was rejected on the grounds that they will not take sale items on email order. So after all that and no BTSSB items I gave up….


So despite these troubles I still regularly look at the websites. A couple of days ago I noticed some Marionette tights pop up on Angelic Pretty, but sadly already sold out! Today after browsing again, I noticed that they were back in stock! I thought that was a sign, so I put in my order and honestly did not believe how easy it was! To begin with, in comparison the Angelic Pretty website is all in English, that’s a pretty good start! If anything is sold out, it boldly has in red “sold out” and when it comes back into stock, the sold out label is removed. This is why I was able to tell so easily when the tights I wanted were back in stock again. The cart process was a breeze and it even told me the weight and estimated shipping price before I had to pay! So now my order is in and I have an email confirmation thanking me for me order…… no, thank you Angelic Pretty for making it easy for me to spend money and shop on your website
So what did I buy? The playing cards patch blouse, black and red marionette tights to go with my lovely Marionette girl JSK and a Strawberry Shoulder bag pochette to go with my Strawberry Jam OP.

♥ Alyssium♥

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