My lolita room

LolitawardrobeAlot of the local lolitas have already seen my lolita room (which also doubles as my computer/workplace and library as I work from home) but I was doing some cleaning out of my wardrobe the other day and thought I would take some pictures.Lolitawardrobe2
This is the part of the south and west wall of the second bedroom/office in our town house. Its on the second floor above some offices which have been renovated into apartments. The built in wardrobe houses the majority of my lolita clothing (some of it overflows onto racks into third bedroom) but most of that is stuff that I am selling. What I own gets squeezed into here.

My lolita bags are stored on the top shelf of the cupboard and the shoes stored in some shoe racks at the bottom. I crafted to shoe racks together into a doublerack to best use the space underneath of the dresese. My parasols, some bags and doll boxes are behind the shoes racks. There is alot of black there, I think I need some more coloured shoes!


I store socks, bloomers,cardigans and accessories in the drawers and the smaller stuff like headbows and barettes in shoeboxes and hat boxes.
I was doing a wardrobe clean out so I took a picture of my pile while I had everything out for organising! Anything that I can live without has been moved over to my sales page


♥ Alyssium♥


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