My very first lolita meet

FLM_1Despite the fact that I had owned and worn lolita for a little while, my first meet out was actually only in August last year. I had some photos done with Tamara and Jaana  at Avcon the month before and they invited me to join the Adelaide lolita group. I was very happy to find that there were quite a few other lolitas in Adelaide who were active. I had never met these girls before and I was really nervous getting dressed that morning. I remember changing my outfit quite a bit and freaking out what to do about my hair!

From left to right: Carrie, Jimmy, Bridget, Amber, Nicole, Me, Elsbeth, unknown, Emma and Sarah. At the front: Nana, Tamara, Jaana and Adelle.


I knew the meet up was going to be in the Botanical Gardens but I ended up walking around forever before bumping into Carrie here who walked me over to where the girls were having a picnic. Carrie had just got her Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate JSK so was super excited about wearing it out!


It was really nice to get out and actually wear lolita out of the house, the girls were all really lovely and welcoming.


As I was only just getting to know everyone (and figure out names) I didnt get too many outfits shots. Here is Emma, Jaana and Carrie.

Its funny remembering these photos and what I thought, to now when i know them all so much better!
Im glad I met them all, I have so many more wonderful friends!

♥ Alyssium♥

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