Out to lunch

What do you do when you have an afternoon off, and some frilly pals to spend it with? Get out your lolita, take lots of photos and go have lunch and lots of chocolate!   


The intention was to get a nice outfit shot, however that usually leads to lots of outakes. I posted the third one along, on my instagram with the caption “Taking a coordinate shot but really practicing for a hair shampoo commercial” strangely it was one of my most liked photos of 2019.

For lunch we went to Little NNQ which is fast becoming a favorite. It caters to gluten free, vegetarian and vegan so everyone is happy.

Afterwards (because just lunch is never enough) we head down to Churros. I might be the only one that doesn’t like Churros, but I do love the chocolate dipped strawberries! Tamara was on theme wearing Angelic Pretty’s Melty Chocolate mini sleeve JSK


Nat wore a Angelic Pretty Cream Cookie Collection Switching JSK which mint, ivory and chocolate accessories.


My coordinate was super comfy and didn’t mind that I had a multicourse meal for lunch! I just wish all my browns matched more!


Headadbow and JSK: Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette in navy

Blouse: Wondertropolis chocolate blouse

Socks: Emily Temple Cute Chocolate and Ribbon OTKs

Shoes: Angelic Pretty Navy Teaparties

Jewellery: Angelic Pretty Crown Chocolate Necklace, Angelic Pretty Melty Ribbon Chocolate Bracelet, Q-pot chocolate bracelet, Angelic Pretty Chocolate Piece Ring, Angelic Pretty Academy Emblem Chocolate Coin Ring, Angelic Pretty Chocolate Piece Pierced Earrings



♥ Alyssium♥


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