Questionaire time

For something different! Nicked this from Laurens journal! I used to love doing questionaires or filling things out in my diary to look back on, havent done it for ages though! A is for….

a – age: 29 (OMG Im old)
b – bed size: Queen with a King Quilt
c – chinese food dish: E-Shand Chicken and Long Beans with XO Sauce… and Shallot Cakes!
d – doctor’s name: Balkwil
e – early bird or night owl? Night owl and gumpy morning person!
f – favorite color: Constantly changing, but currently mint!
g – gold or silver: Silver for a long time, but loving the gold with mint on my Chocolate chess JSK!
h – height: 5’2 (totally short) heheheh i wrote chort first!
i – ink as in tattoo’s you have: Kanji for dragon on the base of my back
j – juice favorite: dark grape juice
k – kitchen meal or restaurant? hmmmm hard one, my partners cooking, but if its not him cooking then restaurant.
l – living arrangements: With my partner and 2 pythons
m – month of birth: December
n – nickname: Cris
o – on time or late: totally late!
p – pet peeve: I have lots, but one that is loli related, Dont post a WTB if you dont have the money, closely followed by dont stick things in your wishlist if you really dont want them!
q – quote from a movie: Ill be back, no really I cant think of anything right now!
r – right or left handed: Right
s – siblings: Two younger brothers
t – time you get up: 5mins before I have to be somewhere
u – urgent thing on your to do list: feed my snakes and get my wishlist up on my journal.
v – vegetable you dislike: Whats wrong with vegetables?
w – wishing for: World peace, opps not in a beauty contest… to win the lottery!
x – x-rays you’ve had: Arm, head and chest
y – yummy food you make: Kareage, Dumplings, Red Roast pork and cold rolls 🙂
z – zoo favorite: Orangutans and Sloths

♥ Alyssium♥

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