Royal Adelaide Show 2012

RS1I love the show, I have done since I was little. My parents would only let us go every second year as it was expensive. I remember that as soon as the showbag guide came in the newspaper me and my brother would go through every bag and highlight the ones that we wanted to get. The petting zoo, animals, craft, competitions, rides, food and flashing lights. It was like hollywood except in adelaide and only once a year.
This year me and my homegirls, and their respective partners came along (the latter for taking pictures and holding bags) went and luckily made it on a good day. As the show is always in spring, getting a day without rain is like winning the lottery.


As we were going in lolita, we had to make sure that the rides were somewhat loliproof or petticoat friendly! I love the look on Nana face here in the middle shot. Its the exact moment she realises that this sweet and innocent chair ride was going to blow her headbow off. She managed to chuck her headbow off to Richard before the ride started. Her direct quote after “‘I JUST THREW AN EXPENSIVE HEADBOW OFF OF A SHOW RIDE IM GOING TO LOLITA HELL”


We bumped into another lolita in sideshow alley! Kelly and her lovely partner Bobby.


Damn straight we went on the carousel. I even made everyone wait another turn so we could be at the front and get first pick of the animals. I wanted to get the merpony, it coordinated with my JSK.


We got the boys to take pictures, I dont think we could have got them on the ponies without force. Nana got told she couldnt ride side saddle…. the rest of us got shots before we got told to ride them properly. Was tempted to argue that we were being proper but Im pretty sure he would have had the authority to kick us off. Some people dont have any humour!


I had to put these extra shots in, it seems that every time we went around we all were pulling stupid faces… Nana you is awesome at being a bunny, one day Im going to dedicate an entire post to all of the great faces you pull, they are priceless!


Look what I found here! Marians doll outfit that she submit and got first place! Apparently this years theme was funny hats, Chris got right into it! That isnt me scoffing chocolate strawberries and getting it all over my new dress (you will be happy to know it washed straight out, not that it needed to!) Cute shot of Shyen and Amy.


Outfits for the day, I was in my new We’re all Mad here, Sugary Bones JSK. Kelly in Alice and the Pirates, Dance of the Black Cat. Nana in Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny and Tamara in Bodyline music note.

As i said, I love the show!
♥ Alyssium♥

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