Sailor meet at the Port!

Sailor TitleAhoy Maties,  Landlubbers and lasses: all hands on deck for the Adelaide Lolita Community sailor meet. Fair winds are a-blowin’, so me-hearties, meet us down the port for an afternoon of adventures on the high sea. This is an opportunity to take photos of your fantastic sailor coordinate with amazing backdrops as well as learning more about maritime history. 

Admission –  10 gold pieces ($10) 8 gold pieces concession ($8)

Attire – Nautical : Sailors and Seadogs

Hope to SEA you there!

xxx Sailor Jerry (aka Britt)

Ship 3We started at the bottom of the museum, which was showing what maritime life was like in 1836, when the first ships bound for South Australia left England. It shows what the conditions were like on the ship, with examples of the quarters that the crew, third class and first class passengers were like. The girls spotted a new luggage set for me, for my next trip to Japan!

Ship 4The ground floor held the current exhibition,which was, “Rough Medicine: Life & Death in the Age of Sail”. Looking over some of the instruments and theories that they had back then, certainly make me thankful for the advances in medicine that we have had since!

Ship 5 The top floor had some restored figure heads, a sample of some games  that could be found at fairs around the same period and a range of interactive games highlighting the sea and the recovery of artefacts.

Ship 1 The best bit we left until last, the ship that was at the entrance of the museum is a replica, the ketch Active II. Built by shipwright Bill Porter and rigged by sail maker Don Lucas in 1986. The first Active was built in 1873 and worked the coast until 1959. Kendelle takes a peek into the ship and finds a meeting under way.

Ship The fantastic part about the replica, it was made for people to walk and climb all over, so its a great piece for people of all ages to enjoy. As you can imagine as a group of lolitas’ dressed up in sailor, we had a field day with the cameras!

Ship 2All aboard! Corrina, Kendelle and Alycia pose in the entrance of the ship. On the right, Alycia, Usakumya and I share a special Titanic moment (in reverse).

Ship 6 Alycia takes a go at the wheel, shortly followed by Britt (doesn’t she look made for the role!) I had one last picture coming off the ship, as we wrapped up our photo-shoots and head off to lunch.

Abbey walk_sm

As we left for lunch, one of the girls spotted the crossing and mentioned the “Abbey Walk” so we couldn’t resist jumping in for a photo! Left to right, Me, Britt with her bouncing red curls and Kendelle looking cool bringing up the back! We did another triplet for the day!

Coord1 And onto the outfits for the day. Alycia is wearing Alice and the Pirates Love Air Mail Appliquéd OP the hat is from a P & O cruise with a hand made maritime themed rosette on the front. Angela is one half of a epic Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile High Waist JSK twin, with matching Bodyline Sailor cutsew and offbrand accessories. Britt is the first in our triplet of Lief Logo Ribbon Sailor OPs, which she chose to coordinate with red. Brooke our resident Lolita Chocolate connoisseur looks delicious in Angelic Pretty’s Royal Chocolate Low Waist JSK and contrasting Melty Ribbon Chocolate Jacket.

Coord2Caitlan wore a Rouge Aerie Nightmare Rising JSK in navy, paired with a straw hat and black accessories. I made number two in the triplet also wearing Liefs Logo Ribbon Sailor OP with Ivory and Navy Accessories. I also brought along my Usakumya rucksack who was sporting his Sailor attire for the day. Corrina put together a lovely sailor inspired outfit with a skirt that she made herself. She topped it off with adorable spiral curls pulled into pig tails. Georgina look adorably dapper in a red Angelic Pretty Sailor Cutsew dress with matching red had and heels.

Coord3 Kairii is the other half to Angela’s twin in Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile High Waist JSK. I love how they used Navy and Red together to reverse each other! You are not able to see in this picture but Kairii’s beret has the captain America symbol on the top which matches the stars and stripes on her socks. Kendelle makes up the last in our Lief triplet sticking to navy and white accessories. I think her bob is really cute paired with this outfit! Last but not least is our lovely Olivia dressed in Angelic Pretty’s Wonder Party Shirring JSK in black.

Ship 7 Last of all a picture of our triplet and twins for the meet. Britt, Kendelle and I in Leif and Kairii and Angela in Angelic Pretty.


♥ Alyssium♥

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