Supanova Melbourne 2013

It has been such a long time since I have been to Melbourne, so when Marie needed some help with her One day in Paradise booth for Supanova I couldn’t say no. It was also a really good opportunity for me to meet some of the Melbourne lolitas, that I have spoken to


with the Australian lolita events we have been having online.

Marie, Sarah and I flew over on the red eye flight from Adelaide to Melbourne and arrived quite early at the airport on friday morning.  We had a healthy breakfast at Nandos (lol, not really) before heading into the CBD for a quick hang out and then setting up the booth at the showgrounds in Melbourne. Setting up the booth and hanging up all the kawaii accessories always takes a long time, so it was late when we left to head back to the hotel.


The morning of day one, we got one of the other booths to take a quick picture of us in the stall before they let people in. I had choosen to bring along Alice and the Pirates Beardssey Rose to wear because it is super easy and comfortable to wear. Marie was wearing Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s Secret Scent JSK and Sarah is in Alice and the Pirates Gloria in red.

Rose-McGowan-Profile-Version-B (1)

Saturday morning Sarah and I was really excited in the lead up to the event as I we were both looking forward to meeting Rose McGowen She is an actress from one of my favourite TV shows Charmed. I started watching charmed…. well a long time ago, and it’s one of the only series that I would make sure that I watched or recorded every week ♥


I got two signed pictures, one of Rose on her own and another of the three ‘Charmed’ sisters for when some of the other characters come down for Oz Comiccon later on in the year. The stall was busy and I was really nervous about going to get the pictures signed, so Sarah got mine done for me. Rose has short bleached hair and Sarah said she was just as gorgeous in real life!


It was lots of fun working on the stall. Marie has some amazing stuff for sale and she only just got her first shipment of DokiDoki stuff in. It was all super sparkly and was really popular. It was hard not to buy everything! I borrowed some pictures from Marie to show some of thes stuff that was for sale.

One the second day I wore Alice and the Pirates Bride of the Death, Elisabeth which is amazing, I love it! Marie wore Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice Bruges JSK and Sarah was in Alice and the Pirates Gloria in black.P1013559

Lastly here is a picture of my coordinate taken on saturday by Marie. Wearing all Alice and the Pirates, Rose Lace Blouse, Beardsley Rose JSK and headbow, Matt black Pearl Rosary, Rose pattern socks and Victoir platform shoes. Rose cuffs are from Taobao and wig is from Cyperous.

It was really lovely getting to meet all the Melbourne Lolitas! Had an excellent time in Melbourne, we shall be back for Oz Comicon!

♥ Alyssium♥


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