To poof, or not to poof, that is the question!

PoofThere have been two things recently that got me onto this topic. The first was watching “My big fat Gypsy Wedding”, we watched the whole series though and sometime during that time my BF made a comment comparing the wedding dresses on the the TV show to the petticoats that we wear in Lolita. Thankfully I knew what he meant and we started to joke about having big fat poofy pettis.
The second things is that Tamara and I who have been talking for months about having a twin photo shoot finally got our butts into gear.



Twinning in Dreamsky gave us the inspiration to try poofing our petticoats. The babydoll style of Dreamsky and the material made it perfect for fitting in layers, upon layers of petticoats. It turned out to be a bit of a rushed picture session as Tamara had to run off for a tattoo appointment.


Does my ass look big in this?


Looking back on how funny we looked (wearing five petticoats) it gave me an idea about holding a competition to find the poofiest petticoats…..


♥ Alyssium♥



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