Two packages in the mail

Package_1Any day you get a package in the mail is a good day and today I got two! Im stuck at home at the moment and was in bed when this arrived. I’m not really in a state to get up myself but my lovely BF went down and got it for me and I had bed service package delivery

Package_3This one is from a Australian lolita friend Lauren who is living in Japan at the moment and acting as my shipping service!

In the package were 10 pokedolls, pokemon plush from the Pokemon center, some items ordered from Angelic pretty, Toy Drops barette in blue, chocolate chess socks in mint, Decoration Dream Pony necklace and Sugar hearts bracelet. Two necklaces from Alice and the priates, a key necklace and a pearl cross necklace. Lastly all the items from Closet child that we bought on our last online shopping trip, a package_2metamorphose tea cup set, BTSSB plate, 2 Angelic Pretty rings and 4 Angelic Pretty bangles. I have a been on a bit of a plastic jewellery shopping binge at the moment. Lauren has been totally amazing as a shopping service!

My second package was a BNWT Alice and the pirates canotier, snapped this one up from EGL comm sales last week and it was shipped really quickly!


♥ Alyssium♥

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