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As this is a lolita blog, I dont often mention my work very much. For those that are curious my official work title is Mechanical Solutions Engineer, which is another one of those titles that doesn’t reveal very much about what I actually do. For the last eight or so years I have been a software applications engineer for an Autodesk reseller. You may or may not have heard of AutoCAD? Most people have, it is Autodesk’s most well known piece of software but they in reality they have a very long list of titles. The software is supplied to architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media and entertainment industries all over the world. I specialise in the Mechanical field and primarily support AutoCAD and its bigger brother Inventor. In my job I demonstrate products, provide technical support, onsite installation and consulting and more recently also software sales.

Fairmont resort

There was a convention on in Sydney in the Blue Mountains that I was required to fly over for for work. So I was able to stay in the lovely Fairmont Resort for a couple of days for some meetings and a Gala Dinner.


Even though I didn’t get the opportunity to explore too much, it is definitely a place that I would like to come back to for a relaxing holiday. The hotel design reminded me of a rustic hunting lodge complete with burning fires so it had a lovely ambiance. It had many facilities including indoor and outdoor pools, a gym, several kids play rooms (including a carousel which I was very impressed to find)

Anyway….back onto the topic of lolita! After my convention I stayed a couple of days and took the opportunity to drop in and say hi to the lovely Sydney Lolitas. I let Sharon know that I was coming over early and she very kindly organised a meet up for the weekend that I was over. We started off with a late lunch and Kareoke, then moved on to an arcade for some crane machines and of course, some Purakura.

I had a wonderful time and it was great to finally meet alot of the girls who I had only ever spoken to in email and pms.

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