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Its been a long while since I did an easter egg hunt. You know the ones you did when you were little, when you parents hide all the chocolate in the garden. I remember being so excited and running out to find all the chocolate, it’s a really good memory that I have  with my family, so I wanted to share the excitement Continue reading…

Group retrobleach look

I was very fortunate to spot the moment when Eden posted on Facebook, that she was road testing her new prototype tights and needed some legs to assist! She had a set of skeleton tights and Sugary Bones tights and I was very lucky to be in quick enough to try the mint sugary bones ones!  Continue reading…

OCC1We had Oz Comic Con over the weekend, it’s the second time it has been held in Adelaide and thankfully this year they made the space larger. The first year that it was held, very little tickets were sold on pre-sale, so they assumed it would be a small event and booked accordingly. Unfortunately for the organizers most of the people attending lined up and bought on the day so it was a lot of people packed into a small amount of space.

“Adelaide showed up in force for our second Oz Comic-Con, with over 25,000 attendees. Everyone loved our bigger venue, huge array of retailers and stellar line-up. With a brilliant time had by all, we can’t wait to come back to Adelaide next year”  Continue reading…

Alice header“Espionage Gallery Proudly Presents : We’re All Mad Here, An Alice in Wonderland Exhibition.

The most ambitious exhibition to date featuring over 70 of the world’s best artists from Stockholm, Vienna, Paris, Toronto, St.Louis, New Zealand, Phillipines, Kobe, Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane and Adelaide.

On March 14th Follow the White Rabbit into the rabbit hole of Espionage Gallery for an exhibition of all things Alice. On opening night there will be a Tea Party visitors and artist can partake in and Espionage Gallery is asking everyone to dress in their best Alice in Wonderland attire.  Continue reading…


There had been rumors and whispers going around about Angelic Pretty producing a mook when suddenly up popped an email from the international website.

“Angelic Pretty is planning to release a brand mook book early next year. We would like to request a snap shot of you wearing an Angelic Pretty coordinate!! It is still in the works, but we might create a World Angelic Page, which will contain snap shots of lolita girls from all over the world.”

The picture needed to be submitted within the week and had to represent Angelic Pretty clothing.

Tamara, Marie and I quickly organised a short photo shoot that I posted about late last year here. We sent in our pictures crossed our fingers and then waited….. and waited some more. We were just starting to think they they had decided not to produce the mook when information about its release starting popping up at Kinokuniya and Kanga Kanga. I happened Continue reading…


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