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Swap meet time! It was decided last round, that my house was just too small to continue housing this event, as we are getting more and more lolitas coming each time. Its a bit sad to see it go, but we were able to organise a community hall not to far from where my place is. Continue reading…

It has been such a long time since I have been to Melbourne, so when Marie needed some help with her One day in Paradise booth for Supanova I couldn’t say no. It was also a really good opportunity for me to meet some of the Melbourne lolitas, that I have spoken to


with the Australian lolita events we have been having online.

Marie, Sarah and I flew over on the red eye flight from Adelaide to Melbourne and arrived quite early at the airport on friday morning.  We had a healthy breakfast at Nandos (lol, not really) before heading into the CBD for a quick hang out and then setting up the booth at the showgrounds in Melbourne. Setting up the booth and hanging up all the kawaii accessories always takes a long time, so it was late when we left to Continue reading…


The Australian Community had another card event, the Easter Card Exchange. The sequel to the popular Valentines Card exchange! Continue reading…


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