Adelaide Oz Comic Con 2013

OCC1We had Oz Comic Con over the weekend, it’s the second time it has been held in Adelaide and thankfully this year they made the space larger. The first year that it was held, very little tickets were sold on pre-sale, so they assumed it would be a small event and booked accordingly. Unfortunately for the organizers most of the people attending lined up and bought on the day so it was a lot of people packed into a small amount of space.

“Adelaide showed up in force for our second Oz Comic-Con, with over 25,000 attendees. Everyone loved our bigger venue, huge array of retailers and stellar line-up. With a brilliant time had by all, we can’t wait to come back to Adelaide next year” 


Having brought down Richard Dean Anderson and William Shatner certainly made a difference to ticket sales, I know a number of people who came over from the eastern states to see these guests. Richard Deans Anderson’s autographs sold out within an hour of opening on both days! He was absolutely blown away with his popularity and he stayed back on both nights to make sure that he signed every single photo. How sweet is that!!!


This year instead of attending I assisted Marie from One Day in Paradise with her lolita booth with Sarah. Here is the booth on Saturday morning before we started (after taking most of friday to set up!)

OCC2I didn’t get much of an opportunity to walk around, but I saw some great cosplays walking past! Princess Leia, Asuka from Evangelion, Donkey Kong and the cook from Robin Hood Men in Tights ( I love that movie!)

OCC3Sarah got a picture with a great Loki cosplay. I got pictures with a really funny Monkey Magic (even funnier if you notice the name of the booth behind us) and an amazing Jack Sparrow cosplayer (he looked just like the real thing!!)

OCC4There were not very many lolitas about (alot choose to cosplay instead) but I grabbed a picture with Carrie in Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly and Beverley in We’re All Mad Here, Sugary Bones in mint. On the second day I wore Alice and the Pirates Gloria and Marie wore Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Aristokitty’s Invitation OP.


On day one I wore Metamorphose Twinkle Journey OP. On day two Sarah wore Metamorphose Fairy Tale print JSK and Marie wore BTSSB Aristokitty’s Invitiation.


♥ Alyssium♥

  1. Corrina says:

    Kawaii!! I had a photo with that Jack Sparrow as well 😀

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