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Another Made to Order from Angelic Pretty! Both Angelic Pretty Japan and USA have announced that they are taking orders for the Freshly Picked Strawberry series. Considering the low production numbers on their normal releases I am sure that most of the lolita community rejoices when a made to order is announced.

Advantage, everyone who wants to order a dress can get one providing they have the money. Disadvantage, the loooooong wait times before the series actually come into stock, though in reality a small price to pay to make sure they more people are able to get a hold of the dress and hopefully less scalping in play.

The Japanese MTO order details:

Reservation acceptance product
・Picked strawberry OP – ¥26,800 + tax
・Picked strawberry shirring jumper skirt – ¥26,800 + tax
・Picked Strawberry Jumper Skirt – ¥25,800 + tax
・Picked strawberries apron style skirt – ¥18,800 + tax-
・Picked strawberry headbow – ¥3,500 + tax (All 4 colors of the above items: white, pink, red, black)

・Picked strawberry OTKs -¥2,300 + tax


Lottery application period – Until July 19, 2020 (Sunday) 18:00
Deposit period From Thursday, July 23 to Tuesday, July 28

Reservation acceptance store – Angelic Pretty Tokyo store

Handing over – Scheduled from February 2021


About lottery application

・Please apply for the desired product from the dedicated form within the application period.
・You cannot apply by phone or email.
・Up to 50 clothes can be made by one application per person. There are no restrictions on small items.
・You can apply as many times as you like,

We do not guarantee the reservation of products other than the winning products.











I was lucky that my SS was able to order the following for me:
Picked strawberry shirring jumper skirt
Picked strawberry headbow
Picked strawberry OTKs


Now to wait until February when they come in!

♥ Alyssium♥


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