Barbie Wedding Gowns

Barbie-Bridal-Collection-2011-01Thats right you read correctly! I did a doubletake when I first saw it as well. These dresses are not for your barbie doll, but human sized for you to wear at your own wedding… for the girl who has everything!

The creators Write:
“Once upon a time Mattel created the world’s most famouse fashion doll, Barbie. She has been both model and muse to some of the world’s most celebrated designers. From Dior to Lagerfield, Versace to Vera Wang, Barbie knows how important it is to pick the perfect dress. Now, on one of the most important days of your life, the Barbie Bridal Collection is destined to make your big day, one you’ll cherish forever.
This season we are pleased to announce the second launch of our new Ken Groom Line. Barbie and Ken are known as one of the world’s famous and fasionable couples and what better way to clebrate Ken’s 50th anniversary in 2011.
A groom, after all, has to have a super sense of style, too.
The direction of our Barbie Bridal Collection this season captures Barbie’s sense of playfulness and adventure reflected in gowns that are feminine yet fashion forward. In pure white and blushing pinks, embelished with intricate accents that sparkle, shine and shimmer, it;s an all-new look and a matchi made in heaven for today’s most fashionable bride.”


I must admit I would like to wear the red dress, its gorgous, perhaps not as a wedding dress though.

Barbie-Bridal-Collection-2011-03The hot pink reminds me more of a prom dress, but the white one is more on the money.

Barbie-Bridal-Collection-2011-041The pink one is something I could definantly see Barbie wearing!
Barbie-Bridal-Collection-2011-051The bows on the front of this are a tad large for my liking on this one.

Barbie-Bridal-Collection-2011-061Im not sure I could ever imagine a bride in black!

Barbie-Bridal-Collection-2011-072Pale green is very non-traditional.


There is a bit too much pink in this collection for me, unsurprising though as pink is Barbies signature colour.
The red is my hands down favourite.

Just in case you want one for your own wedding. More details are available here Bridal Creator Kuraudia


♥ Alyssium♥

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