Japan again, Day 4

Today Belle and Victor were having a rest day in, but as I was only staying a week I was heading out to make the most of my time in Japan. I was heading out to Yokohama and had organised to meet up with Mirukuma who had been my shopping service previously. We had never met in person so I was looking forward to meeting her. 


Yokohama is about an hour out of Tokyo but has a large Closet-Child store, so I always try and make the time to visit while I’m in Japan.

Being a little out of the way, I find it is well stocked and and always has a great selection of items that would otherwise sell out quicker in the more popular Tokyo stores. Yokohama also has  Vivre a shopping complex that has all of the main brand stores including a Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates and Angelic Pretty. Again if you are looking for sold out or harder to find pieces, you are more likely to find them in stores like this. A few other stores that I like to check out are Milk, Liz Lisa and Swimmer. If you are in the market for a new wig, a little further down the road is Maple who do a great range of cosplay and natural colored wigs.

Today I had decided to wear Honey Cake, a set that I had purposely brought with me from Australia. Its such a cute set and I was really looking forward to wearing it out with some new accessories I had picked up. I had recently received the Q-pot pancake necklace and I had bought it specifically to go with this coordinate.


I have managed to find the bracelet, but the ring, necklace and socks still elude me. One day I also hope to have the bag (if I can some how wrangle it out of a full set sale)


Mirukuma and I spent most of the day browsing shops and eating snacks. We picked up some delicous Taiyaki, I got the limited edition sweet potato flavour.


After finishing up at closet-child with a pretty awesome haul, we stopped to eat in a Yakiniku restaurant just around the corner. They had some amazing Kareage and grilled Camembert cheese on sticks!


I didnt get many pictures today as we were so busy shopping and eating, so here is one last pic of me heading back to the hotel with my purchases, they didnt all fit in the bag I took!

I had a fantastic day, thank you so much Mirukuma for spending the day with me ♥


♥ Alyssium♥


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