Japan Day 10

MainIt was just the three of us again, Sharon, Sarah and I for another round of lolita shopping. Our first stop for the morning though was the Alice Cafe in Shinjuku. 

insideI had seen quite a few pictures online about this cafe so I was quite keen to give it a visit. The only problem was finding it! I have a feeling we got out at the wrong exit and then reorientating ourselves took a little while. We then made it to the right building, but couldn’t find the cafe. You can’t reach the floor via elevators you can only get there via stairs, so keep that in mind if you plan to visit!

inside2There is a display showing the cute food just before you walk in the door. The best thing about this cafe is the decor, its bright and fun and makes you feel like you have dropped into Alice in Wonderland. There was not a huge selection of food and it was on the pricey side compared to what you could get by, but if you are dressed up and in the mood for photos and selfies, this is the place to do it!

I had a pizza for lunch and these were the three desserts that we had. definitely Alice themed, though I’m not sure if that is meant to be the caterpillar?


After lunch we head out to Closet Child Shinjuku, like with the Harajuku store they have multiple levels. There is a Vivienne Westwood, lolita and gothic lolita level. The floors are a little smaller, but still packed full of bargains!I picked a chocolate Innocent World blouse and a red chiffon Alice and the Pirates Blouse, which was exactly what I was looking for. Then when I saw the Emily Temple Cute bag I somewhat freaked out! This bag is quite difficult to come by and there it was sitting for me to pick it up and buy it *sigh* it was meant to be!


While we were there we met up with one of my shipping services, Tokyo Pirates. Jamie had very kindly agreed to meet up with us so that I could pick up some items and so she would show us around Shinjuku for the afternoon.

I was very sad when I heard that they were closing down Marui One, but was much more relieved when I found out that most of the stores had moved over to Marui One Annex a little down the road. Lolita wise, these would be the ones that you are interested in.

6th Floor_smThe lavender stores had formal Japanese and Kimonos in them, there were some really lovely designs and plenty of ways for you to customise your outfit.

7th floor_smShop B the Village Vanguard was a really funky store that had lots of pop culture and random stuff. I picked up some Star Wars English books for Chris, Vaders Little Princess, Darth Vader and Son and How to speak Wookie!

We didn’t by much here, but all of us took notes on what we were going to come back for (budget allowing) before we left japan.


♥ Alyssium♥


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