Japan Day 11

ea9aee82533f11e39f760a8f4e0ede20_8Last night when we got back from Shinjuku, I was checking my emails and instagram before I went to bed and I spotted this post that was made by RinRin. It looked like an event was on in Ikebukuro, and as we were in the area we decided to go check it out. The only information we had was that It was in Ikebukuro at Parco on the 23rd November.

Chris and Meg

Sharon was meeting up with a friend so Sarah, Leticia and I set out for Ikebukuro to go locate PARCO and perhaps see what this event was about.

We found PARCO, it wasn’t too far from the train station and started wandering around. We found a sign that indicated an event was going to be on a  rooftop, so we head up stairs and on the way found another lolita. She spoke a small amount of English and with our small amount of Japanese, we figured out that she was going to the Picnic as well. She took us upstairs where we lined up behind a couple of lolitas that were already there.

We were mid conversation when Leticia and I saw some movement through the windows where we were waiting and went into derpy fan girl mode. Misako and RinRin  were doing practice walks down the middle of a staged area. Once we had calmed down enough to try and explain and translate, we figured out that you needed to make a booking to be able to participate. Unfortunately the booking that I had made the night before did not go though, but Meg very kindly explained this to the organisers and we were still able to go in as there has been some cancellations! Thankyou Meg!!!

stageThe lighting was not very good, but you should be able to make out Misako, RinRin, Yu Kimura, Chikage, Yui Minakata but Im not 100% sure who the last model was. They did an interview with Misako, who talked about a up and coming trip to Austalia (more on that later) as well as some questions about lolita. They talked with the rest of the girls and then did a parade to show off a new collection by Algonquins.

Stage2Leticia got some better shots than I did as she was sitting right next to the runway. If she put her camera out to take a picture, the models would swing round and smile!

picnicAs the event was a picnic, they gave out a basket of goodies which included Macarons, lolipop cakes and biscuits with tea.

Mid-way through one of the models, sang a couple of songs, then there was another parade showcasing some one off designs. At the end, all of the models lined up at the exit and you were able to meet each one individually.

MainThe line up was quite long, so we had a chat and photos with some of the other lolitas. There was a whole group from the US (I think they were from the US because their accents)

Most of the models did not speak any English or very little at all, so Meg did some translating for us. There were very surprised that we were over from Australia. We got a hug from RinRin and she told us that she would love to visit Australia some time. I hope we can organise that! It was amazing being able to meet them all, they were all lovely, really beautiful and happy to meet everyone.

milkyAfter the picnic we head out to Closet-child, and it seemed that it is the placebe lolitas to go in Ikebukuro. Ee bumped into nearly all of them afterwards, including the MC from the parade! I managed to walk out without buying anything (I know! I was shocked too!) Then we head over to Milky-way Cafe for dinner. This is a really popular cafe located on the first floor of a building on the corner as you walk on to the main strip to Sunshine City. The windows are all glass, so its a great people watching location. Everything in the Cafe is star themed!

dinnerI got a mango smothie, Chicken and salad wraps and wedges for dinner and it was all delicious. What we were looking forward to though, was dessert!

dessertI’m not exactly sure what was in mine, other than it had fruits and cream and lots of other stuff. But it tasted great! When Sarah’s brought out it was smoking! Could have definitely gone for seconds!


♥ Alyssium♥


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