Japan Day 14

MainThis was our third to last day in Japan and we were getting a little worried about how we were going to get everything home! We spent the morning and the evening prior getting together what we were hoping to get back on the plane and what needed to be posted.Sarah As you can see from Sarah and Leticia’s pile, we had amassed a fairly large amount of stuff!

The Japanese post is very reasonably priced and fast so it made a lot of sense to post items back. The large light stuff that took up alot of room in suitcases, along with the items I had bought for other lolitas was shipped off this morning at the local post office. Thankfully there was one right around the corner from where were were staying.
appleAs we were getting so close to the end of our trip, we were keen to go back to several places we had noted to pick up last minute items. So first stop for the morning was Akihabara. Somewhat ironic to think that we had stayed there almost a week and not picked up everything we wanted!

Check out the apple that Sharon and I bought from a pop up stall in Akihabara station! Apparently these Fuji apples were some of the largest in the world, it was HUGE, as you can see far bigger than my hand! Each apple was wrapped individually so they wouldn’t bruise. It took us two nights to eat it between us.

First stop after the station was Don Quijote again ( yes again!) I was keen to go back for some more tattoo tights that Sharon and I had bought earlier. We had worn them during our trip and they were really comfy to wear and good quality too. As they were only 3 for 1000 Yen we bought quite a few more pairs. Leticia had also bought some glitter nail polish earlier. I had spotted her painting them and remarked how good they looked. She mentioned that it was only one coat of polish which I was really impressed with, so I picked up a couple of bottles of that as well.


From here we split up to go into different stores, to maximise the shopping time we had. The other girls went figure shopping and I detoured off to Gee store for some cosplay shopping. I knew this was going to be an expensive trip, so I left it to the last minute. Gee store stocks a large range of costumes and accessories, the majority of their stock is licensed cospatio as well, which some what explains the prices and quality. I had picked up a couple of things on my last trip, but due to finances were not able to get full sets. This time I hoped to get the rest of the pieces. I was happy to find nearly all the things that I was looking for. Sandals for my Bleach cosplay, yellow headband and arm pieces for my Haruhi cosplay, a Summer uniform top, to go with the winter Shana uniform I had bought last time, and a Navy jacket and school bag to finish my K-on cosplay. I was really happy with the service that I got here, the staff happily allowed me to try on the items, fetched different sizes and recommended items where they thought it might be appropriate. I was able to use my cospa points card from my last visit, so got a discount as well. When then finalised my purchase they pulled out a large cosplay travel bag and packed everything away neatly. The bag was going to be perfect for transporting outfits!

pokemonNext stop was the Pokémon centre. The first time I went looking for this store I had a lot of trouble locating it! Best train station to use is either Hamamatsucho or Daimon stations, then head east. This should take you under a bridge for the train tracks and once on the other side you will see a set of escalators. You may not be able to spot it, but the Pokémon Center is on the first level (considered second level in Japan) Alot of what the Pokemon Center has in store is the same in all the shops, but there is a couple of location only releases. I picked up a Pikachu ice/chocolate mould, a couple of stationary items for my brother and a Eevee tail for Tamara.

ShibuyaAfter Akihabara we dropped into Shibuya. We had intended to come here on the weekend, but it got replaced with the Lolita picnic (no regrets) so we did a bit of a fly through in the evening. The main shops we checked out were Disney, Hello Kitty, Mandarake and Shibuya 109. There was an amazing tights store in Shibuya 109 that we spent quite a bit of time pawing through until the stores started to close up.

Now only two days to go!


♥ Alyssium♥


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