Japan Day 9

Disney 30_smIt was Disney Japan’s 30th Birthday so there were decorations all around the park celebrating. All four of us had been looking forward to visiting the theme park ever since we got to Japan. Sharon and I wore lolita for the day, I had specifically bought along my Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly to do  a Minnie themed outfit while I was here. I think it made it alot more fun being being there in lolita! Dumbo We had heard online that some staff don’t let you in if you are dressed in lolita as they don’t want visitors thinking you were part of the theme parks employees. We were a little worried but didn’t have any issues getting in or at any time during our time there.

After getting off at Maihama station there is a short walk to get to Disney. Along the way there is a large gift store and lots of little statues with Disney characters all the way to the gates. The park is surrounded with hotels, which means that you can book and stay if you plan to do the two parks over multiple days. We saw a couple of little girls who were dressed up and getting the princess treatment walking from the hotel over to the gates of the park.

Disney strip1Walking into the Gates, the front entrance was covered with christmas decorations and Disney Characters having pictures with people. The line ups were quite long so we head into the first shopping arcade and got some pictures with the giant christmas tree.

Disney strip2Each of the shops had displays involving either christmas and the 30th birthday or Disney characters. I thought the one of Minnie making Cinderalla a new dress was super cute!

Disney strip3By the time we had got in, it was a little early for lunch, but we wanted to avoid the queue so we had it early. Even so there were already lines ups and we had a half an hour wait time. I wonder what it is like when it’s busy! We ate in the Queen of Hearts court and there were lots of things to keep as entertained along the way.

Disney strip4When you get to the kitchen there was a large board displaying what was available. They also had a really cute display of all the desserts, I wanted all of them! There was a special give away where if you bought a particular dessert you got a souvenir plate or cup. Sharon really wanted the set so I got a plate to go with her cup.

Disney strip5

When we had ordered and paid for our food, an usher escorted us to a free table. Even though there was a bit of wait, it was really organised so we didn’t mind. I got the Roast chicken main with Minestrone soup and a roll. I don’t remember exactly what the dessert was, but it was strawberry flavoured and really light and fluffy. The whole meal was delicious.

Disney strip6Time for a couple more snaps with the castle before we head out for the rides. The castle had a walk through entrance with a glass and crystal store inside. You could order an of the items and watch an artisan to engrave it for you. The passageway had a gorgeous mosaic displaying scenes from Cinderella. The pictures don’t really capture how beautiful it was.

Disney strip7First stop was the carousel. Riding on a horse selfie, tick! We all managed to get on horses around the outside. Its the first time I have seen adult males on a carousel without children. It was nice to see them having fun and not having to worry about being judged.

Disney strip8

Next up was the Mad Hatters tea cups ride. You can see Chip and Dale’s butts sitting on Sarah’s head in the photo! We were all calm and collected before the ride started, however Sarah and Sharon decided to control the speed and we ending up going really fast. We were all a giggly mess and we poured out of the cups and out of the ride. I was a little dizzy for a bit after that!

Disney strip9Some of the many Disney inspired snacks we had during the day. A raspberry Minnie iceblock, a mickey ice-cream sandwich and one of the many flavoured popcorn that was available all over the park.

Disney strip10We had loads of fun posing and making funny faces for photos in toon town! There were lots of little props around the place, including a phone that when you picked up, someone answered!

Disney strip11As we started to leave Toon town we noticed that people were starting to line up and grab places for the afternoon parade. It was also starting to get cold and I found these warm Minnie Mitts at one of the vendors. Sarah was pretty excited to get more popcorn.We sat down and watched the parade and then went on a couple more rides.

nightWe had dinner at tomorrowland after riding Space Mountain. Then stayed for the fireworks. By this state we were pooped from walking around all day so we head out home.


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