Japan Day 9

day9-1bDisneyland, the happiest place on earth! Matt was the most excited out of all us to be going to Disneyland, his whole reason for wanting to come (despite spending time with his lovely friends) was to go to both of the Disneylands in Tokyo. Chris and I had decided to visit Disney Sea last time we were here, so this time we choose to only go to Disneyland.day9-2

When you get off at Maihama, the Disney station you get to split off into two different directions. If you are going to Disney Sea you get on the disneyland train to take you around the park, if you are heading off o Disneyland its a short walk past one of the hotels before reaching the gates. Matt was a bundle of energy all morning and bounded off once he was able to see where he was going!!

We stopped when we got inside for some quick shots and some Disney shopping. Its an essential part of the experience to get some funny ears or a hat! I spotted stitch in on of the stores, he is my favourite Disney character and the great thing about being in japan is that he is really popular over here too, so lots of Merchandise!!! I really struggle to find anything stitch in Australia! I got a pair of studded Mickey ears and also bought mickey ears (with the magicians hat) for Chris. I managed to convince Mat that it was part of the experience as well and he got a goofy head hat.


We headed straight to the left and into the Pirates of the Caribean ride which was quite cool! We snacked on lots of disney goodies to get us by till lunch. We ended up eating in a Western Saloon that sold curry!! Japanese curry is really good!

day9-5At this point the other guys headed off for some more rides and Chris and I got Sui out and went wandering. Before we left Australia I had got Sui her own pair of Minnie ears and found some cute Minnie mitts (there were key chains) in the Disney store.
If you have a Nintendo 3DS, make sure you take it to Japan with you! The 3DS has this function called a street pass, you create your own Mii (the same as Miis on the Wii) and when you walk past other 3DS users it swaps Miis and you get to play mini games with other! I had a blast using this in Japan. While in Australia I’m lucky to get a couple of hits per a week, in Japan i was maxing out on hits just by walking through a train station! I got over 1000 hits while I was in japan and got through many of the mini games.


 I got quite a few curious glances carrying Sui around but quite a few people liked her. I took her on the carousel with me, to old? Never!


All over the park there were different food courts, this one was the Queen of hearts 🙂 There was also a multitude of gift shops.


There were plenty of rides and interative places. Splash Mountain, A Safari boat ride, Stitches Adventure (there was a massive robot stitche that sang which was really adorable!) There were some even cuter ones in toon town for the little ones. My favourtie was Chip and Dales Treehouse, if only I had something like that when i was younger! You were able to walk up and around it. We bumped back into the main group just before space mountain. Luckily it wasnt a busy day, but even so the line up for this ride was rather long! We got into the cars and 100meters down got stuck! They had to shunt us into an emergency exit and evacuate us down some corridoors. It was quite surreal! They did gude uas back to the front of the line again at least. We had dinner near space mountain and all of the food were in cute mickey ear shapes! We ate fairly quickly so that we could get into position for the last parade and fireworks for the night.

By the time the floats came out it was almost pitch black which made them all the more spectacular! The parade went for about half an hour with a whole range of different floats. My favourite was probably the genie from Aladdin, its a pity I didnt get a a video as opposed to a picture, every couple of seconds he would change colour and patterns all over!day9-11

The night finished with a light show on the castle and fireworks! Chris and I head home after the fireworks but the others stayed another hour so to go back to the rides before the park closed. My feet were quite sore from walking all over the park all day and I couldnt wait to get home and relax in our massive tub back at home in the apartment.


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