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I have a little competition on the go on FB about petticoats (more on that later) and when someone commented about the fact that I had 5 petticoats, I sheepishly admitted to 10, not realising till I counted later that I actually had 12. So as it seems to be the fact that I own enough petticoats to supply a whole lolita meet, it was decided that I should write a petticoat review.
I grabbed two dresses from my closet, Angelic Pretty Toy Drops which is a high waisted OP and a Angelic Pretty French Cafe JSK that has a lower waist. I then  proceeded to take some photos. A million shots later, a full SD card and a woobly flo (my dressform) who I have undressed and redressed so many times that Im starting to feel like I should take her out to dinner…. I have a petticoat review.





The two dresses that I am using are more recent purchases and Im in a blue mood. I picked AP toy drops because its a babydoll style OP with no built in petticoat, this dress is more suited to A-line petticoats. I choose AP French Cafe jsk because it has a lower waist, a built in petticoat and would be more suited to cupcake style petticoats. They are both pictured here with no additional poof factor! I will be using a poofiness scale from 1-10 for my rating.




Angelic Pretty “Soft tulle” petticoat 112D11-16084
Only listed currently on the Japanese website. This is one of my favourite petticoats, fairly obvious by the fact that I have three of them. In my defense I only paid full price for one of them ( I can almost justify anything on sale ) This petticoat gives a nice soft poof too both dress styles. There are several layers of tulle that sit on top of each other and a cotton inner lining. Due to the choice in fabric it will never deflate and it is quite light but drapes solidly against your legs. It has a very soft feel, swishes when you walk and is comfortable to sit on. It is more suited to a-line but can produce a cupcake shape when combined with more petticoats.
I give it a poofiness factor of 6/10 and a bonus point because its my favourite


Baby the stars shine bright tulle panier 136★506
I bought this one new from ODIP but it is still available on the BTSSB website.This petticoat is made up of a top layer of tulle with lace, and a second layer of tulle attached two thirds of the way down of the lining, without lace. The tulle of this petticoat is very stiff, the good thing about that is that it somewhat stands up on its own. There is less layers then the above petticoat but it manages to keep the same amount of poof. It does deflate a little but a little pulling here and there brings it back into shape quite easily. This petticoat does not gather around the legs and sits closer to the dress, for that reason the petticoat is much nicer to wear in summer then the previous one.The lace on the bottom is a nice touch and often it doesnt matter if it peeks out the bottom as it commonly blends in with the bottom of the skirt. It can be a little uncomfortable to sit on due to the stiffness of the tulle.
I give it a poofiness factor of 4/10

PR4BTSSB panier
I bought this off the EGL comm sales and it doesnt look like it is offered any more on the website. This petticoat is made up of one layer of material and that is it. The seller did mention that it wasnt very poofy and it was being sold fairly cheaply but I really didnt expect it to literally just one layer of material. The only thing I can really recommend it for is for dresses that perhaps dont have a lining. So instead of a calling it a petticoat Im going to now refer to it as a inner lining.
I give it a poofiness factor of –1/10

PR5Angelic Pretty Organdy Pannier 122D1-16085
This was another purchase of the EGL Comm Sales but it is also available to buy from the Angelic Pretty Website. This petticoat is made up of three layers or organza, the material is not as soft as the “soft tulle” in the first petticoat but is also not as stiff as the BTSSB one. The top layer is ruffled and has two rows of gathered frill which is quite cute, the bottom 2 layers are not quite as gathered but do provide the poof needed to keep the top layer up. It has a polyester inner lining. This petticoat has the best cupcake shape out of all the petticoats that I have reviewed. It has keep its shape well and It is comfortable to wear.
I give it a poofiness factor of 7/10

PR6Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat I CB1970217
This petticoat was bought through Clobba online.Tamara and I did an order in November last year. It is an exact replica of the previous Angelic Pretty Organdy Pannier. Looking at them both side by side they are almost identical with the exception of one having a slightly shinier fabric then the other. Without looking at the tag I was not able to tell which was the Dear Celine petticoat and which was the Angelic Pretty one. Over the ten months that I have owned both petticoats the only difference I can note is that the Dear Celine was has deflated slightly (which you may be able to tell in the photos)
A combination of this and the previous Angelic Pretty petticoats worn together is my favourite to wear for a good cupcake shape. If you have looked through my journal most of the pictures I have taken on my dressform have these 2 petticoats under the dresses.
I give it a poofiness factor of 6/10


Closetchild Super Gorgeous Pannier
Yes that is its name, and no Im not joking! I went to Japan in December last year and closetchild had a promotion going; if your purchase came to a certain amount, that they would give you a free petticoat, yes seriously! Now the hard part was not trying to spend that much in one purchase, it was actually leaving the store without buying all the things!! I would have had several more of these petticoats if it wasnt for the fact that certain stores ran out petticoats to give out. This is available to buy on the closetchild website.
The petticoat has a cotton waist line that drops down a couple of inches and then is tulle from there down. The top two layers are stiff ruffled tulle with three lace trims spread down the length. The inner lining looks to be polyester. What makes the poof in this petticoat is the sheer amount of stiff tulle that is gathered into this petticoat. Both of these were packed into suitcases and are stored rolled up in bags. There is a very minimum amount of deflation in ithem and a little bit of tugging here and there does bring it back up again. I do like to wear these petticoats when a large amount of poof is needed. The downside is that they are not so comfortable to sit on and that sometimes the stiffness in the petticoat can create some weird shapes in your dress, again nothing a bit of tugging here and there cant fix. I would give this petticoat the best poofiness to value rating.
I give it a poofiness factor of 8/10


Unknown petticoat
The most unfortunate thing about this petticoat is the fact that I do not know where it comes from. I bought it from a girl in the US who also had no idea on its origin. The reason that it is unfortunate is this petticoat is the poofiest one that I have!
It has an elastic waist and two layers or pastel blue and lavender tulle but no lining. Like with the previous closetchild petticoat the reason this one is so poofy is the sheer amount of fabric that has been used and gathered into a small waist. The thing i love about this petticoat is that if you were to get a peek underneath all you see is ruffles off lavender everywhere!!!
I give it a poofiness factor of 10/10


One day in Paradise A-line petticoat.
I purchased this petticoat from Marie at One day in paradise. It is no longer stocked on the website. This from memory is the first pettticoat that I bought for lolita. This petticoat is made up of three layers of stiff tulle and a polyester lining.The top layer of tulle has a lace trim around the bottom of it. I dont believe that this was a very popular petticoat due to the fact that for the majority of dresses it was just too long. Where it is good, and the reason I kept it is, that it is very good for babydoll styles dresses.This petticoat is able to sit a little higher on the waistline and still carries on the full length of the dress. Some of the other petticoats may fall short on babydoll styles dresses as the last portion of the dress is hanging not supported by any petticoat. I have had this the longest and there is a small amount of deflation in the tulle.
I give it a poofiness factor of 4/10


Jay-Jays Petticoat
I bought this petticoat from a local clothing store Jay-Jays, it is no longer stocked in the store. I found it in the clearance section of the direct factory outlet near the airport and at the time bought four all in different colours as they were only between $5-10 each. I have since sold of the other colours and only kept this one in black. The petticoat is made up of 2 soft layers of tulle with no lining. For the large majority of lolita this petticoat is not really that useful with the exception of miniskirts and salopettes. It is not really that poofy at all but does give you a small amount of covering if you dont want to be petticoatless with shorter lolita styles.
I give it a poofiness factor of 2/10


I hope you find this review helpful. If you are looking to buy a petticoat and you dont have any at the moment my recommendation would be to look at either the Closetchild super gorgeous pannier or the Dear Celine frothy pannier. The Closetchild petticoat is the best value for money if you are seeking super poof at a low price, but if you are looking for something a little nicer and softer to touch the Dear Celine one would be next, if you have the money splash out and get two it will be worth it for the extra poof!


Stay tuned for the photo competition “My big fat poofy petticoat” it will be posted up at the end of next weekend.

♥ Alyssium♥




  1. Kim says:

    This was really helpful! I hope you’ll do a review of other petticoats too in the future (or just spend that money on some new dresses instead!)

  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I actually have that Jay Jays one too, I think – in hot pink? They came out when Jay Jays bought out their Alice in Wonderland line when Tim Burtons movie came out 😛

    Think I need to go buy a petticoat from Closet Child, I think!

    • Christine says:

      Yup those are the ones!

      I think Closet-child recently changed the petticoat design (feedback I got from a lolita in Japan)

      Clobba is a very good source of petticoats as well 🙂

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