Secret postal Valentine


Because we have so many lovely lolitas in the Australian community, what better way to get to know each other and spread the loli love ♥

1. Deadline to join the event is midnight on the 31st of January, I will need everyone’s postal addresses by this time.
**Your postal address will only be given to your valentine**
2. A draw will be done and you will be notified who your valentine is.
3. Valentines must be in the post by Friday 8th Feb at 6pm

Cards can be bought or handmade, but there is alot more love and thought that go into handmade cards!
Once you have been given your valentine, please take a moment to view the photo on the group and try to take their style into consideration if you can.
For example don’t send a black gothic card to a sweet lolita! You are welcome to ask your valentines for tips for this but the valentine can also be secret if you wish.

Once you receive your card, post on the event either by comment or picture. Here is the round up of some of the amazing cards that went around our community!


There were some crafted cards with 3D flowers and cards that were completely handrawn. The pirate card to Anette on the end is amazing!


Hand drawn chibis were super adorable!


Other hand drawn cards tended to gothic as opposed to sweet!


Cards that were not hand drawn were crafty and imaginative! Marie got a bright pink furry card for Valentines!


Some cards were more traditional.


Others were super original with posters, origami bunnies and fabric valentines.


Some girls were very lucky to get cards and gifts as well.


The detail in some of the cards was lovely, Senor Arkapasso and 3D pop up cards.

VC11Some were special on the outside

VC10And others you didnt see until they were opened up.

VC12For other cards, it was all about the written content.

VC13Packed full of Kawaii goodness!


There was even a letter that was so personalised that Korean was learned to write it!

VC14There is certainly one thing for sure with all these cards,

VC16Is that a lot of love went into making and sending all of these!


Happy Valentines Day Everyone

♥ Alyssium♥


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  1. Eden says:

    These are so wonderful! <3 :3

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