St Patricks Day 2014


Join us at the end of the rainbow among leprechauns and unicorns to feast on a pot luck picnic! Bring a plate or drink to share, and a picnic rug or chair!

Do you have a clover-green coordinate you’ve been waiting to wear? Or a special something that conjures feelings of magic at the end of the rainbow?  We’d love to see you there! 

Group_edited-SmThis is the first Lolita Saint Patrick’s Day event that I have attended and it was nice to get the opportunity to wear something green. Green is not something that I particular go for when buying lolita, but somehow I have managed to develop alot of forest green in my wardrobe. The weather has also started to cool down which means that we can start piling on the layers without having to worry about overheating!

For this meet there was a number of new faces so we started off with an introduction. In the group photo starting from the back, left to right. Me, Emily, Brooke, Annise, Marian, Britt, Adelle, Lauren, Georgina and Nana. Sitting at the front is Sarah, Cheryl, Angela, Alycia and Sarah.

AlyciachanspinMarian was the organiser of this meet up and along with the normal picnic fun fare Marian had organised a game for us to play. In honour of the meet being Saint Patrick’s Day, Marian had created the game Pin the lolita on the lolichaun or Lepri-chan as we nicknamed him. Marian is currently studying art so this was right up her alley, put together with her charming wit we had a green Leprechaun ready to be dressed up in his “Baby the Rainbow Shines Bright” lolita. Alycia gives it a go here.

BrookechanspinWe let Brooke keep her cute hat on, gave her a spin and this was her result! As part of the game we had to pin three pieces on the board. A lolita skirt, headbow and matching clover leaf bag.

Winner_smI almost never win anything, so I was super surprised to get the closest pins! I got a cute package of chocolate gold coins, green sweets and some accessories for me effort, thanks Marian!

Coord1Adelle in a Kodana outfit, her items are from a range of brands including a waist coat and ankle boots bought from a local market. She dresses up her outfit with green ribbon and a handmade rosette of black roses. Alycia looks lovely in a Victorian style dress and bonnet, she made the dress herself! Angela rocks an Innocent World JSK under a forest green cardigan, her oxfords and socks match her floral headdress perfectly. Britt pops out in colour with a cute polka dot JSK and matched heart cardigan that she bought overseas on holiday. The teapot bag is adorable and ties in nicely with the bows on her cardigan and shoes.

Coord2Brooke looks adorable in a Amavel tartan JSK, ivory cutsew and cute straw hat. The Swimmer cookie bag and Angelic Pretty chocolate Ivory tights complete her coordinate! Cheryl always looks so effortlessly lovely in a pale green floral Infanta JSK. The peach tiered underskirt was hand made and adds a very sweet extra colour to her outfit. I choose to road test a recent Alice and the Pirates arrival Royal Crown’s Tea Package. My favourite part about the outfit is the military style detailing at the front and the lettering on the top of the beret (that can’t be seen in this picture. Emily looks super sweet in We’re All Mad Here’s Sugary Bones series JSK and plush skelepony bag.

Coord3Georgina is wearing out, one of her wishlist dresses from Innocent World, Clara OP.  Lauren tee’ed up with Adelle matching her Kodana outfit for Gothic Lolita with matching green ribbons and rosette. Our lovely organiser Marian looks elegant in her Innocent World JSK and Ivory Bolero, the JSK has appliqué butterflies scattered across the skirt which are really pretty. Sarah rocks her creep cute outfit from We’re All Mad Here, Betty Skirt. If you look carefully you can seen the little skeleton heads have heart eyes. Lastly our second Sarah wears Metamorphose Tartan Romantic Train print skirt, topping it off with a beautiful flower headband by Innocent World.


A very green, fun packed Saint Patricks Day!

♥ Alyssium♥


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