Supanova Sydney 2012 Day 1


Supanova Sydney on saturday was packed out! We decided to skip the early morning line up and sleep in so we arrived around lunchtime to be greeted with this! People as far as the eye could see… well maybe not, but I believe the crowd estimates for the weekend were 45,000 which was quite a bit up from last year. The rain kept alot of people away but there were quite a few cosplayers and lolitas around. Photo credit for the panorama to Kris Ezergailis from What a big camera.

I met lots of lovely lolitas while I was over in Sydney, please let me know who you are if I dont mention you!


Holly in AP Wonder Cookie, X in BTSSB Mary in the Sky with Candies JSK, Alanah in AP Marionette Clock. Me, Imogen, Desany and Manon. Some of the gorgeous girls from Electric Alice


Sakky, Natasha, x, Juliette, Koneko and Elanor. Lucy (in the single picture) wearing Innocent World

Me, Rel in AATP Victorian Card Print JSK, Juliette, Koneko and Regine. Mel in AP Sweet Ribbon Strawberry OP


Kate, Alanah and Sharon in AATP Treasure hunt in Mystic Island JSK. Me, Marie and Sharon at the ODIP stall. Juliette and Koneko twinnning in AP Surgary Carnival (They were so adorable!!!)


Some of my friends in cosplay, Candice as Miranda from Mass Effect 3 and Annuska. Kevin and Neko-chan as Mirai. Tahlia as Wonderwoman, me and Teoh.


Lastly my coordinate for the day:

BTSSB hat and AATP hair combs

BTSSB blouse and AATP Birdcage JSK

AATP cross necklace

AATP treasure chest bag

Offbrand tights and IW boots.

I was really happy how the outfit came together!
Seeing as though Im still having trouble smiling at the moment, I was glad for the pirate look (not smiling didnt look so bad with this outfit!)

♥ Alyssium♥

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