Supanova Sydney Day 2

SN2_1Supanova day 2, we were a little more relaxed this morning as we didnt have to rush off to line up for tickets. I did sweet lolita for the second day, the JSK was super comfy which was really nice. It also helped having flat shoes to walk around in all day. I swear that my BTSSB heart buckle shoes and my AP tea parties are comfier then my normal shoes.SN2_2


Chris (my gorgeous boy toy, I can say this as I know he will be super chuffed for being called a boy toy) and I before leaving the house in the morning, the sun was shining so it looks warm but it was really chilly! We were a good drive away from where supanova was being held so it meant getting up a little earlier. I didnt come across quite as many lolitas on the second day, but still a few I didn’t know!

SN2_3Me, Alanah and another lolita (im sorry I dont remember your name!) before heading into Supanova. Me and another unknow lolita. A friendly Adelaide face I found working in a store, Kelly is wearing one of the cute scarves from her brand Vitae.


Me, Marie and Sharon out the front of the One day in Paradise stall. Im not sure who this lolita was but i pounced on her for a picture!


Half of the otherwise known as Gpan crew, my friends based in Sydney who I went to Japan with. I got an SN2_7amazing surprise after dinner (one of my favourite must eat at reataurants in Sydney Doy tao) They schemed with my BF and pooled in to pay for Chris and I to fly over to Sydney and go to Supanova. So it was because of them all that I was able to go to Supanova that weekend.
Matt, Georgina, Mimi, Stuart, Teoh, Tahlia, Hanson, Brad, Andrew, Medina, Neko, Kevin, Candice and Alex. Ireally have an amazing group of friends, thank you all so much, Im lucky to have all of you as friends!


And Lastly my coordinate for the day.
Wearing all BTSSB and feeling a bit like a walking catalogue.
Baby the Stars Shine bright Love Ring, Love Ribbon JSK and matching socks and hat.


♥ Alyssium♥

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