To all the dresses I’ve loved before

Dresses that have moved on to new owners.


ハートBaby the Stars Shine Bright Paris Window Print JSK II in black with matching headbow, black Baby the stars shine bright blouse and pretty candy bag. Bought new from Trample clothing. Sold via payment plan to a lolita in the US via EGL comm sales. Worn here
スペードBaby the Stars Shine Bright Marie Antoinette JSK in black x pink with Angelic Pretty Ribbon shoulder bag. Sold to a local lolita who had it, then sold it, but then wanted it again. Was happy to help out Worn here.
ダイヤAtelier Pierrot Alice Print JSK, Meta chiffon blouse and AP Ribbon bag. A lovely rich velvet dress with alice print around the border of the skirt done in gold. This is one that is really hard to part with, however it just doesnt really get cold here for long enough to justify keeping it. Sold to a lolita in Europe. Worn here


クローバーAngelic Pretty Marionette Clock JSK in black, metamorphose chiffon blouse and matching marionette clock bag. Purchased from one of my fellow lolitas. the bag was sold to a lolita in the US and the JSK went to a lolita in Australia. Worn here
ハートAngelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Special set in black. I bought this at closet child through a friend living in Japan, sold this on to
pixieprecious* nd then sold it on to a lolita in Europe. Worn here
スペードAlice and the Pirates Vampire Reqieum JSK in lavender. Bought frombberrie* and then sold to another lolita in Europe though EGL.


ダイヤAngelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly OP with matching headbow. Metamorphose mint socks and black AP ribbon bag. I love the colourway with this and the collar is very retro looking! This OP never really sat well with me so I replaced it with the red JSK which reminds me of Minnie mouse!
クローバーBaby the Stars Shine Bright Hawase OP in white. Got this a little while ago in pink and have been hunting in down in white. When I bought this, the sale went very badly and the dress reminds me of that, so I passed it on to another lovely lolita in Australia.
ハートAngelic Pretty Chocolate chess low waisted JSK. I bought the bustier JSK while in japan but had a really hard time deciding which one to buy. When this one came up ot long after getting back with the option to layaway I thought it was fate telling me to own both of them 🙂 so I snapped it up as well. Wanted to share the CC love so sold to another lolita in my community Worn here.


スペードAngelic Pretty Starry Night Theatre bare JSK with matching choker, headbow and pony. Traded this with one of the lolitas in the Sydney community for my AP Ichigo Mille-feuille OP and then sold it to Tamara
ダイヤAngelic Pretty Strawberry Mille-feuille OP with matching headbow. AP strawberry shoulderbag, wristcuffs and Toe socks. Traded this for Starry Night Theatre.
クローバーAngelic Pretty Jewellery Jelly OP with matching headbow, socks. Sold it to a girl in the UK, she sent me this message when she received it “It has arrived, and it fits and i love you soooooo much right now. it makes me feel like a princess!!! i am so so happy!” Im glad it went to a loving owner!


ハートAngelic Pretty Milky Planet JSK in sax. I originally helped Tamara get this JSK as she really regretted trading away her Milky Planet. She then found it in Lavender and offered to sell it to me. Shown with AP tuxedo cutsew, matching headbow (found in Japan!) Shooting star socks and AP Moon night Story shoulder bag. Worn here.
スペードAngelic Pretty Miracle Candy JSK in Sax with Baby the stars shine Bright long sleeved blouse, matching headbow, Candy socks and pretty candy bag. Sold on the comm sales Worn here.
ダイヤMetamorphose Fruit Punch Soda JSK in mint, matching wristcuffs came with the dress. Long story but purchased the other high waisted JSK by accident but managed to trade with the lovely Amber to get the other one. Sold the set to Candice.


クローバーAngelic Pretty Marionette Girl OP with matching headbow and socks. AP Queen Playing cards bonnet, AP Wonderstory bookbag and additional glitter trump socks. So close to my number one wishlist that I bought it, it was just the wrong colour ( I wanted black) but the blue is still gorgeous!) rosaire* who offers a SS for Mbok assisted me get this! Finally got the set in black (cost a small fortune) and it was right after getting back from Japan so sold this to a lovely lolita in the UK.
ハートAngelic Pretty Milky Berry OP with matching headbow and socks, AP Berry bag. This set was all purchases at different stores across Japan. It was really fun hunting through all the stores to find the matching pieces. Sold this to Nana
スペードAngelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny OP with matching headbow, socks and AP Berry bag. I bought the set in japan towards the end of the trip, had I known I was going to find it I found quite few matching things earlier in the trip that I couldnt go back for. I found the headbow on the second to last day on my 5th visit to CC Ikebukuro. Sold on the Comm sales.


ダイヤAngelic Pretty lace up heart pockets JSK in bluexgreen tarten and Metamorphose chiffon blouse. Sold to Tamara

クローバーPutumayo stripe regimental JSK. Sold on the comm sales Worn here
ハートBaby the stars shine Bright Berry Chained Memoir skirt and matching bag. White BTSSB blouse. Sold on the comm sales. Worn here.


♥ Alyssium♥

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