April 2013 Swap meet

Swap meet time! It was decided last round, that my house was just too small to continue housing this event, as we are getting more and more lolitas coming each time. Its a bit sad to see it go, but we were able to organise a community hall not to far from where my place is.


Thankfully they were willing to let us hire it for a very small fee as we are a non for profit group, which makes it perfect for our meet ups! It has quite a few rooms, one with a very large space and lots of tables for displaying items. This was really good as we have quite a few lolitas who are really good at crafting which gave them the opportunity to lay out and display their stuff.

Marie, Sarah and I coming back from Supanova Melbourne recently had the leftover stock from One day in Paradise, this meant that the adelaide girls got the first peek at all the new DokiDoki shinies that Marie had just got in. I love the glitter bows, I picked up quite a few while working at Supanova. They sell really quickly, lolitas seem to be attracted to things they sparkle.

It always suprises me how much stuff we were able to get together and having the space actually meant we were able to see all of it properly this time. Just check out all the shoes, we  were seriously selling all of them between us!

Very conveniently it also had a kitchen meaning we can still have our tea and snacks easily. Lauren bought sausage rolls (sorry we ate them all before I could get a picture) I actually didnt get a picture of any of the food, unless you count the one of us all standing in a circle around the kitchen counter…. I think I will leave that one out!

Ill just insert one of us all shopping instead, what us lolitas do best!


And the outfit shots for the day. Adelle is moving away from sweet and was trying out boystyle. Alycia in sweet classic with a flower crown that she bought from Moripop. Angela is in Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly and Bridget looking lovely in all over ivory, Alice and the Pirates Elisabeth Bride of the Death.


Cheryl is wearing a Innocent World JSK, you are not able to tell from this photo but she had a beautiful hairstyle of pinned braids. I finally have gotten around to wearing my Angelic Pretty lavender Dream Sky OP. A friend of Marians (who Im sorry I cant recall your name) is wearing a black musical JSK. Marian is in a ETC cutsew and skirt.


Laura is in a high waisted cat print skirt. Kairii looks adorable in Angelic Pretty Toy March, she made the little military style toy hat herself to match. Rachel our youngest lolita in the group does a sweet curtsey in Anna house sweets skirt. Tamara on the end is in Angelic Pretty Milky Planet special set JSK in lavender.


Madeleine brought two of her friends along and they wanted a picture together ♥ Lauren is looking very gothic wearing a Fan plus friend JSK with red detailing that pops right out. In old school colours, gothic lolita is Kendelle in a Baby the Stars Shine Bright JSK and Marie who is wearing a Mary Magdelene OP.


Last picture of what I picked up for the day. I bought the Alice and the Pirates End of Immortal JSK and headbow from Nana. The Alice and the Pirates Stained Glass Window Print long OP from Kelly (who was down for the weekend) The Innocent World knit custsew from Madeleine. I traded the Dream Sky necklace for Shooting star socks with Tamara. Traded the Angelic Pretty strawberry socks for rocking horse shoes with Adelle. The bead and deco packs from Lauren and some cute flower accessories from Angela, Kairii and Sarah. A very good shopping day, I think!

♥ Alyssium♥


  1. angii says:

    Hahaha!! It really looks like I’m wearing Fantastic dolly!! XDD

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