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I have been considering buying a new petticoat and i have seen some good reviews for the petticoat brand, Me Likes Tea making the rounds. The majority of petticoats are made to order with the ability for you to set your size as well as pick from a multitude of colours or even rainbow if it is to you liking. Continue reading…

SB1Back in May I wrote about the reservation I did for Sugary Bones, you can see that here. Well this week I got my own hand delivered package from the lovely designer herself, Eden. Continue reading…


I have a little competition on the go on FB about petticoats (more on that later) and when someone commented about the fact that I had 5 petticoats, I sheepishly admitted to 10, not realising till I counted later that I actually had 12. So as it seems to be the fact that I own enough petticoats to supply a whole lolita meet, it was decided that I should write a petticoat review.
I grabbed two dresses from my closet, Angelic Pretty Toy Drops which is a high waisted OP and a Angelic Pretty French Cafe JSK that has a lower waist. I then ¬†proceeded to take some photos. A million shots later, a full SD card and a woobly flo (my dressform) who I have undressed and redressed so many times that Im starting to feel like I should take her out to dinner…. I have a petticoat review.

Continue reading…


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