Avcon 2012

AVcon1Avcon stands for Anime, Video convention and was born a number of years ago from a group at Adelaide University. I have been going for a number of years now and have seen the convention grow from a small local convention held at Adelaide University, to a convention that people fly interstate from and is housed using the entire floorspace of the Adelaide convention center. I dont know the official numbers but I think 20,000 was being tossed around.AVcon2

On saturday alot of the lolitas decided to go as Disney Princess and Heroine cosplays. I was meant to go as Esmerelda from the Hunch Back of Notre Dame but didnt get it done in time. From left to right is Jaana as Alice in Wonderland, Tamara who suits Tinkerbell very well! Kelly as Merida from Brave. Candice is in Ariels town dress from, The little Mermaid. InAVcon3 the middle is a small family they met at the convention, the husband and wife were dressed as Cinderella and Prince Charming, their daughter went as Snow White. On the end is Aurora.

Carrie was my favourite cosplay for the day (maybe it was something to do with the fact she was cosplaying from sailor moon and did an amazing job if it!) Lauren was also cosplaying (but i cant remember her character she is the one finger pointing, Angela is looking on and Candice is photo bombing.


I wasnt feeling so great on saturday but I did get out on Sunday. I was in my super comfy AP chocolate chess low waist JSK, I think this is the first time wearing loli out without a petticoat (super comfy and was not wanting to squeeze in and out of the stand knocking everything over. I stole Marians lolified Doomo for the photo! Angela and Lindzi were over selling in the artist alley. Angela was wearing a ETC JSK and Lindzi was also wearing Chocolate Chess in pink.


Candice is usually quite tall, but in rocking horse shoes she dwarfs Kelly standing next to her. Kelly is wearing her new Rainbow drops jsk from her brand Vitae. Emma and Bethany were super adorable in their handmade Rilakuma outfits! This was their entry for the hand-made portion of the lolita contest that afternoon.

They were almost going to scrap the lolita parade until Beverley stepped in and fought pretty hard to have this kept on the program. As a thank you we all stepped up and got a really big group to showcase lolita, local brand and hand-made inspired fashion.


A couple of my favourite corrdinates. Tamara in Angelic Pretty Milky Berry, Jaana in a new JSK from the line We’re all mad here. Bridget in AP Twinkle carnival. Marian was my favourite coordinate of the day in AP Dreaming of macaroons and matching Doomo! Nana won the individual coordinate entry in Alice and the Pirates Melty Mermaid Princess and Sarah  in Angelic Pretty Milky Chan. Emma and Bethany won the handmade section wearing their twin Rilakuma outfits.

So many cute coordinates!
♥ Alyssium♥


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