Berry Beerenberg

Our annual strawberry meet is a tradition in our community but unfortunately, we were not able to attend the main meet this year. So we decided to have our annual strawberry mini meet. 


All on point with the berry theme in front of the Beerenberg shop. Angelic Pretty Milky Berry, Cherry Berry Bunny and Strawberry Jam


Beerenberg is located in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills and has several strawberry patches scattered around the property.


I look forward to going every year because the strawberries you pick are always bigger and juicer than the ones that you buy from the supermarket. Also you know exactly how long it takes from the time they are picked to the time you eat them (often not that long at all!)


If you don’t feel like picking or are in a rush, there is always punnets of fresh strawberries in the shop along with a large range of south Australian goods including honey, sauces and jams.



Prime picking season also happens to fall on the hottest season of the year, we often see temperatures around 30-40°C  (86-104 degrees F) So Parasols, hats and sunscreen are at the ready!



Milky Berry is a strawberry print favourite and is very comfortable to wear.


Dress: Angelic Pretty Milky Berry OP

Hat: Angelic Pretty Strawberry Parlour Straw Hat

Socks: Offbrand lace ankle socks

Shoes: Angelic Pretty Red Teaparties

Accessories : BTSSB ivory parasol,  Offbrand Strawberry earrings, Beerenberg felt strawberry brooch, Offbrand heart sunglasses Angelic Pretty Sweet Berry Wrist Cuffs Angelic Pretty Milky Berry Bracelet Angelic Pretty Strawberry-chan Bangle Angelic Pretty EAT ME Cookie Ring and a offbrand red ribbon ring.


♥ Alyssium♥

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