Bunny ears, fuzzy bags and Chocolate prints

Easter is so close I can smell the chocolate! Its that one time of year that lolitas can wear bunny ears without the fear of it being considered cosplay. Do you have a pair of ears hiding in your closet, or perhaps a fuzzy bunny bag friend, what about a dozen chocolate prints?

Lets get into the Easter spirit by sharing our Easter themed coordinates. Outfits can posted as a worn coordinate, floor flat lay or on a mannequin. Past photos can be included as well as new ones worn for easter events this month. If posting multiple pictures, please combine your pictures into 1 posted image.
Pictures needed to be posted by the 30th April


Tegan – It’s been years since I’ve worn Lolita but I legit possess the holy grail of easter coordinates. The AP bunny bonnet paired with the BTSSB bunny milk and snow strawberry jsk. It’s ridiculous, I love it.


Tamara – My easter outfit from a few years back.


Nancy – My favourite Easter coord to date!


Huang – Mocomoco bunny!


Ripley – Easter coord from 2019

Angelic Pretty Country of Sweets paired with a handmade chocolate bunny ring ^^

I liked this coord so much I ended up drawing it


Jaana – Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter long weekend 🙂

Here are my co-ords from previous Easters, but I don’t have any bunny or egg themed prints D:

First picture is from 2018 and the second is 2020 🐇


Bree – I went to a high tea this week and decided to go for a chick theme to fit with the season🥰


Faye – Axes Femme’s Bunny Tea Time JSK was the thing I wore on Good Friday. All the bunnies in this coord were super small and subtle.

Being completely covered in chocolate counts as an Easter coord, right?

Metamorphose Temps de Fille/Crown Label – JSK, headbow

Angelic Pretty- blouse

Enchanteddreamwear- socks

Qpot/offbrand/handmade – wrist cuffs, shoes, jewellery


Lynette – I attended a local EGL Easter picnic event yesterday and this is the co-ordinate I wore. It’s Panther n’ Cat’s “Sea of Bunny” with various bunny themed accessories. Fun times, smiles and laughter 🙂


Neko – Here are some of my chocolate coordinates I have been putting together! I was so happy to have gotten a new blouse recently that goes well with pretty much everything! 😁👌 not to mention this adorable chocolate cardigan too! Great for cold days. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! 💗🍫🎀


Chan – I couldn’t make my comm’s Easter meet because I was sick, so I had these taken the weekend after.


Corrina – White rabbit inspired coord

Hat and vest are handmade

Jsk is modified aatp Wonder bunny…so many cute details in this print!


Dress: Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House JSK in caramel

Headwear: Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House Headbow and ERGI Bunnyhood

Blouse: Offbrand ivory lace collar cutsew

Socks: Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House OTKs

Shoes: Angelic Pretty Tea Parties

Accessories : Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream Ginger Bear NecklaceSweet Cream Ginger Bear Ring, Sweet Cream Gingerbread Ring and Baby the Stars Shine Bright Twinkle Gingham Ribbon Bracelet


♥ Alyssium♥

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