Fruit Salad Theme Challenge

Its February already and the weather is still fine. It’s the perfect time for all the yummy fruit prints to be on show. Strawberries, Cherries, Lemons or do you have a fruit salad?
This month we challenge you to share with us your favorite fruit inspired outfits. Past, present, and future outfits, share them all!

Bree it too cute in Angelic Pretty Fruity Lemon. She coordinated a Chick-chan bag with her OP.


Tropicana went with Stawberries!
JSK – Alice Girl
Blouse – Angelic Pretty
Bag – Morning Glory
Wrist cuffs – Peacockalorum (Etsy)
Shoes – Cotton Candy Feet
Necklace – Kuma Crafts
Giant strawberry earrings – XKawaiiCutieX (Etsy)


Neko – This is my Fruit Salad! ~🍓🍒💗
I have a thing for strawberries… and hopefully get to coord that gingham one later on!
❣Fruit Salad Dress mash up: mostly Angelic Pretty, To Alice, Dear Celine and SouffleSong.


Corrina – I believe the only fruit themed dress I own is “rotten strawberry”, I love all the creepy-cute details in the print!


Heather – I loved seeing everyone’s super cute fruit coords 🎀
Sadly I’ve been in a moon boot & on crutches for the past month so didn’t get to wear my Meta Strawberry jsk in a very berry way like I had planned for summer but I do have pictures of it worn in an oldschool way from last year 🍓
I was really happy to find the dress as it’s all my favourite things; it’s oldschool, in a dark colourway & strawberries ❤


Sarah – I am slowly collecting as many peach print Lolita dresses as I can!
My favourite dress is the Momoko Honey Peach which I recently got a peach bag for! With the may times it’s been tricky to wear my collection of peach earrings which is thankfully starting to change.


Beru bows – Another strawberry fan in Baby the Stars Shine Bright


I had plans on wearing out some of my other fruit prints, however its always hard to go past your favourite strawberry print for a visit to the patch!



Lil Miss Tink rocking Angelic Prettys Milk Berry in Mint


Emily – Strawberries and apples! My first time wearing a yellow coord and one that isn’t completely red and pink 😂


Emily and her adorable little mini me in strawberry prints for her birthday last year!



Strawberries definitely look to be a winner this round!

♥ Alyssium♥

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