Hello Kitty Café opening


Hello Kitty Café  comes to Adelaide, I think every lolita in our community cheered! Since when do popular shops open up in Adelaide? Like never, so we were super excited when we saw the news online that we would have our very own Hello Kitty Café soon!1959922_1526706490880116_5058264741241764766_nIt all began when this image popped up on facebook in October. Chelsea posted in our community and soon the stalking began, where, when, how? There was very little information apart from a couple of pictures slowly being posted on the facebook with a constant reply of soon. So when the date was finally given (2 days in advance) we were all ready to go for a meet up!

HellokittyWhen I arrived I was quite surprised by the colour choice. Usually when you think of Hello Kitty the colours that come to mind are white, pink and red. So to be greeted with a mustard yellow, chocolate and orange was certainly not what I was expecting.

Hk2As it was so close to Christmas, we were greeted with a Christmas tree on the right and a lucky golden cat at the counter on the left.

Hk3Not everything on the menu was available, but the selection of cakes and delicious things to eat was still quite good. I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out what to order!

HK4We got our pictures taken by the owners when we went up to order. Alot of the girls are huge Hello Kitty fans, so they had dressed up with Hello Kitty themes for the opening.

HK5Here are some of the delicious things that the girls ordered.


Hk6I ordered Hello Kitty Waffles with a mango and passionfruit tropical mocktail, it was delicious!


HK7Needless to say, we felt very comfortable here and I can see it becoming a regular destination! I wonder if we can reserve a permanent table!

HK8Kairii wore an Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile with a cute custom made beret with cat ears. Alycia made an outfit to match Hello Kitty! Sarah looks lovely in a pink Angelic Pretty OP with matching pink shoes, handbag, parasol and hair. Tamara looks super cute all in pink and a cute Hello Kitty bow.

HK9Nana looks quite cool in a sage coloured Emily Temple Cute Patisserie JSK with matching shoes and biscuit bag. Brooke adorable in her new glasses wearing a cute JSK by Amavel, put together with matching caramel shoes and biscuit bag. Angela also goes for a Emily Temple cute, Chocolatier JSK with chocolate accessories. I decided it was time to take out my Angelic Pretty Honey cake, which had been sitting in my wardrobe patiently to be worn!

HK10While shopping in Japan I came across this super cute bee outfit that fit my medium Usakumya, so he came along with my Honey cake coordinate. I had been umming and ahhing about what colour blouse to put with the JSK, but I am really happy how the sax blue turned out. I didn’t really have any Hello Kitty accessories, other than this bangle that Angelic Pretty did a Hello Kitty collaboration with a little while ago. In was a really fun comfortable outfit that I am looking forward to wearing out again.


♥ Alyssium♥

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