Kareoke Lolita Style

kareoke2We decided to have one more meet up before Candice had to head back to Sydney. What better way to spend a evening then singing the night away at kareoke, Lolita Style!. It was a little late notice so there was only a small group of us, but what we lacked in numbers we made up in enthusiasm and sound! It was a scorcher of a night so please excuse some of our naked arms!! It was 38 degrees or 100.4 in farenheit.

kareoke4 Lauren and I did a fair chunk of the singing, or in my case screeching. Thankfully she could actually sing so that drowned me out and didn’t sound to bad. Well that was at least when the song didnt get the better of me, there was a couple, namely “Hero” by Enrique and ” I will always Love you” by Whitney where Im sure there were cats wailing away for kms around with me!!

You cant have a kareoke night without spice girls! Can you tell the song that we are singing and dancing along to?kareoke3

On the way out, the foyer had some really good lighting so we took some outfit shots. Tamara was wearing Angelic Pretty colourful hearts OP in pinkxblue. I was in AP Dreaming Macaron JSK and headbow (sans blouse or socks…. it was sooo hot!) Lauren is wearing a DOL replica Starry Night Theater and Candice is in Angelic Pretty Assorted cookie JSK.

We left with a croaky voices but had a blast, definantly need to go back soon…. and guys no uploading any videos ok… what happens at Kareoke, stays at Kareoke!!

♥ Alyssium♥



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